Cancer registry: Berlin against cancer

Joint Cancer Registry of Berlin and Brandenburg to be launched in January 2016
Every year around 15,000 Brandenburgers are newly infected with cancer. About 7,500 do not survive the disease. In Berlin, some 17,260 people are diagnosed with cancer, of whom about 8,900 are diagnosed with cancer. The two federal states now want to take up the fight against cancer. A so-called Cancer Registry is to form the basis for this. This includes information on the diagnosis, treatment and aftercare, from which doctors can determine whether the patient is receiving the best possible treatment. Brandenburg's health minister Diana Golze( left) and Berlin's health minister Mario Czaja( CDU) signed a corresponding agreement on Thursday in Berlin. The cancer registry is to be launched by the Landesärztekammer Brandenburg on 1 January 2016.

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Berlin can recapture existing structures at the cancer register
"Berlin and Brandenburg form a health region. We live not only when we market our region internationally as a metropolis of health care on the highest level, the citizens also live. Already today, about 20 percent of the cancer patients treated in Berlin are Brandenburgers. With the Joint Cancer Cancer Registry we will further improve the treatment of cancer patients in our common region, "said Czaja."The administrative agreement is an important step in the preparation so that the decentralized registrar office in Berlin can start work at the beginning of 2016.The fact that we are able to access the already functioning cancer registry in Brandenburg is a sensible and directional step that will make it easier for us to rapidly rebuild structures in Berlin. "

From 906 onwards, 90% of the operating costs of the cancer registry will be taken over by the health insurance funds,ten percent are borne by the federal states."In medicine, there have been many advances in cancer prevention and cancer control over recent decades. Cancer is still the second most common cause of death after cardiovascular disease in Germany. But thanks to improved early detection, diagnostics and therapy, survival chances in cancer cases have risen enormously, "said Golze."With the joint clinical cancer registry we will further improve the diagnosis and treatment procedures. It provides the physicians and doctors with valuable information on diagnosis, treatment, healing processes or relapse, thus making the most promising cancer treatment visible to all."
André Buchali, Chief Physician of the Department of Radiation Therapy and Radiooncology at the Ruppin Kliniken in Neuruppin and chairman of the tumor center Land Brandenburg eV, explains the" cancer registry ", as opposed to the"Berliner Morgenpost ":" Doctors report their data to the Cancer Registry. So far, they have used it mainly to see when after-care visits are necessary."Operators would be informed about the number of patients who received the recommended irradiation after an intervention, and the physician would then recognize" whether the patient has been treated as best as possible. "

The number of cancer-related diseases registered in the Brandenburg Cancer Registry rose significantly between 2003 and 2013.Thus, 38.7 per cent of men and 27 per cent more women had cancer."There are three main reasons for this," Buchali continued, "doctors have reported more cases to cancer registries, cancer stages are better assessed, and diagnosis rates have increased through early detection programs."The patients now went to the doctor in the meantime.

The number of people affected had risen particularly in prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer and skin cancer."It is a success of the early detection campaign," emphasizes Buchali,

Berlin and Brandenburg are planning a joint cancer registry


Berlin and Brandenburg want to establish a joint cancer registry in order to jointly improve diagnosis and treatment methods. Brandenburg has already had such a comprehensive register since 1995, now the Berlin data are to be added. According to a federal law passed in 2013 to further develop cancer screening and quality assurance, the Länder are obliged to establish a cancer registry by 2017.

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