Alternative Therapy Course Iris Diagnostics

Seminar Tip Iris Diagnostics: The Iris as a Mirror of the Process of Disease and Healing


Today a 10-month course in iris diagnosis begins at the Academy for Vocational Training for Non-medical Practitioners( ABfH) in Berlin. The iris diagnosis is since its establishment in 1881 by the Hungarian doctor Dr. med. Ignaz von Péczély has become one of the most important holistic diagnostic methods in modern naturopathic practice. On the basis of signs, structures, pigmentations and biodynamic hints that are relevant for the diagnosis of the disease, the course participants will learn how signs, causes and processes can be recognized early, in order to counteract therapeutically if necessary.

  • Symptoms of painkiller intolerance
  • Depressed by deafness
  • Winter tips from the ENT specialist

The iris diagnosis thus makes it possible to detect disorders even before the patient has been diagnosed with conventional medical findings. By means of in

dividually tailored therapy, this can be used to stop or at least delay the development of abnormalities such as precancerous or autoimmune processes.

In addition to prevention, iris diagnosis is an important tool in the follow-up of the therapeutic process. In this way, both the patient and the practitioner has an objective control of success and thus the therapeutically traveled "distance" can be read unadulterated.

In the intensive course, the course participants learn the handling of modern iris microscopes at an early stage and thus quickly gain routine in handling the device. The irises of the participants are recorded with a digital camera and evaluated with special software. In this way, the individual learning steps can always be reconstructed and deepened in the living eye. More information about the iris diagnosis seminar can be found here. Prerequisite for participation is a completed naturopath training.(pm)

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