Criminal by smoking during pregnancy?

Criminal children by smoking during pregnancy?

"Smoking makes your children criminal" so could soon be a new warning on the cigarette packs. Because American researchers at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts have found that smoking in pregnancy increases the criminal potential of children.

American researchers at Harvard University have reviewed the criminal record of around 4,000 people between the ages of 33 and 40, while reviewing mothers' cigarette consumption. In the process, they have found that from a cigarette consumption of one box per day, the risk of a criminal career for unborn children increases by 30 percent.

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cigarette smoking in pregnant women increases the crime rate
Earlier studies have documented a link between maternal tobacco use and psychologically co

nspicuous behavior in children. Children who passively breathe in the smoke are therefore more likely to become hyperactive, unable to concentrate, and more aggressive. Based on these findings, researchers at Harvard University have investigated the effects of pregnant women's cigarette smoking on the unborn child in their current research. With astounding results: the risk that the unborn child will later become criminal increases significantly with the tobacco consumption of pregnant women. Pregnant women who smoke at least one pack of cigarettes a day are 30 percent more likely to have a criminal career, regardless of whether the descendants are female or male.

passive smoking leads to psychologically conspicuous behavior
The researchers emphasized in the presentation of their study results that the relationship between the mother's cigarette consumption and the criminal behavior of children persists even when other factors such as mental illness, mental stress, family problemspoverty, which may also influence criminal development, have been excluded. Thus, the previous studies, which have already established an association between passive smoking and psychologically conspicuous behavior of children, have confirmed this as part of the current study. For the children and adolescents a bad news, because while among them, the tobacco consumption steadily decreased, smokes of the adults still about a third. With correspondingly negative effects on the development of children, as evidenced by the current study by Harvard University.(fp)

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