Sensible diet: So simple is the healthy but permanent weight loss in overweight

Get healthy and lose weight
The average person is too heavy: over half are overweight. Obesity is calculated according to the body mass index( BMI).If you want to know if you weigh too much, not only the weight is relevant, but it also counts whether the kilos consist predominantly of muscle or fat. People with high levels of adipose tissue are overweight. The Apothekerkammer Bremen advises in these cases to gentle and permanent weight loss.

Weight loss is advisable as obesity has adverse health effects. A direct consequence is painful joint wear and tear in those affected. There is also an indirect correlation between high weight and lipid metabolism disorders, increased blood pressure and blood sugar diseases. There is also an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes, arterial calcification is promoted, and as a result, the likelihood of developing heart disease and cancer increases.

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lifestyle comprehensively
In order to achieve lasting success in losing weight, sufferers have to adapt their entire lifestyle."The new way of life should include sufficient exercise, a balanced diet and a changed behavior. Anything that does not aim for lasting change is doomed to fail, "warns Isabel Justus, Managing Director of the Pharmacists' Chamber Bremen.

For example, overweight people should aim for a varied diet that will keep them 500 to 800 kilocalories below their workload and consume enough protein. Suitable protein suppliers are dairy products, lean meat and fish.

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Calcium, Whole Grain and Exercise
In addition, people who want to lose weight should keep an eye on their calcium intake. Good suppliers are dairy products and broccoli. Whole grains saturate longer than, for example, white flour bread or sugar, which is why they should preferably be eaten. Also, the regular consumption of fruits and vegetables is important. At least two liters of low-calorie drinks such as water and herbal tea are a must. Likewise, a sufficient intake of vitamins, minerals and trace elements is essential. Fruits, vegetables and herbs contain many of these substances, if necessary, they can also be taken in the form of vitamin supplements and other nutritional supplements.

The second important pillar of healthy and sustained weight loss is exercise. Overweight sufferers should look for one or two sports that they can do with their weight, such as Nordic walking, swimming, walking, work out on the cross trainer or aqua jogging."Two or three appointments per week should be reserved for this to be a real success," Dr. Isabel Justus."The motto is: get off the sofa and into the movement!"
Losing weight is slowing down
A change in diet is usually a shift from deep-rooted and long-trained habitual patterns, which is why the process should be long-term and slow."Those affected should not have unrealistic goals - what are the arguments against half a pound a week as long as the weight loss is sustained?" Justus encourages. So it is possible to always eat enough and still lose weight. The amount of food must be large enough to quench hunger, but may contain as little energy as possible, such as salad or fruit and vegetables, because crucial for the saturation is mainly the amount of food. In addition, sufferers who change their diet, in the pharmacy should be given comprehensive advice.

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