City BKK: breakdown by additional contribution

City BKK will close as of the first July 2011


The City BKK will be closed as announced for the first of July. The first closure of a fund after the introduction of the health fund has shown that the competition is now completely burnt out among the statutory health insurance funds. While insured persons remain well protected in such a case and insurance protection is ensured, there is the right question as to where the competition in the healthcare sector is still going. With the City BKK it has a relatively small cash register with only 168,000 members met. What happens when a large health insurance company announces an imminent insolvency?

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Additional contributions are apparently no way out
Additional contributions can not seem to free the health insurance companies from financi

al distress. Lastly, City BKK had to charge an additional lump sum of 15 euros per member to remain active at all. But this supplementary contribution has begun the final end, because above all the better-earners have turned their backs on the cashier after the introduction. The elderly or chronically ill members were left with their care costs greatly increased by numerous treatments and examinations. In addition, most of the insured persons resided in large cities like Hamburg or Berlin, where the costs of medical treatment are usually higher than in rural regions.

Why should insured persons also stay with a health insurance company that requires monthly contributions to the regular insurance contributions of 180 euros annually, if other funds offer an equally identical service spectrum? The closure should therefore be a warning to all coffers, which raise supplementary contributions out of necessity. At least as long as the majority of the other funds are spared from such an additional contribution. In the past year, about half a million insureds have turned their backs on their counterparts and have switched to another cash desk. The AOK and the Techniker Krankenkasse have benefited from the change movements.

Rescue Fund for Distressed Health Insurance Funds?
When, last year, the city of BKK, the joint company health insurance fund Cologne( GBK) and the BKK Heilberufe were in massive financial difficulties, the federal association of company sickness funds thought, according to the state, a state rescue fund to set up, similarly as during theFinancial crisis among the banks. Because the fear of the Dominoeffekt goes around the cashes. If a co-ordinator closes, the others must pay for the costs in order to maintain the insurance cover. If only a small cash register is affected, the costs go into the millions, but are nevertheless quite manageable. If a large fund has to close and there are only a few funds left due to the change in health care, a widespread crisis in the health system could quickly arise. Because if the other coffers have to take over the costs of an insolvent health insurance, very personal financial needs could arise very quickly. In such a case, only a state catcher in the form of a rescue fund could cushion a crisis. Therefore, the question should be allowed as to whether a health care system such as ours may actually allow fierce competition. Due to the demographic change and the steadily rising costs in the health care system, the times of the statutory health insurance are definitely no better. Health economists have long demanded a profound reform towards solidarity. Read also: Health insurance City BKK is closed.(sb)

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