Cancer risk: benzene in juices &baby food

Contains toxic benzene in carrot juices and baby glasses


An investigation commissioned by the NDR magazine "Markt" has in carrot juices. In carrot baby glasses and in the dietary supplement "Sanostol" toxic benzene detected. As early as April, a consumer magazine study had detected the carcinogenic substance in soft drinks.

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Dangerous substance also in baby food
Since 2005, the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment( BfR) warns of benzene in food. Benzoic acid( E 210) is often used by the food industry as a preservative, especially for acidified foods. According to "market" information, sodium benzoate, a salt form of benzoic acid, is also found in heated carrot products.

Benzene is known for its cell damaging and carcinogenic effects. So far, the authorities have set a limit only for drinking water. For juices

and food from Babygläschen there is no information, although even the smallest amounts can be dangerous."Benzene has been shown to be a carcinogenic compound that can cause cancer at extremely low levels, such as leukemia, and for those that have no thresholds that do not have tolerance levels, the minimization requirement applies," warns toxicologist Dr. Hermann Kruse. For drinking water the limit of one microgram per liter applies.

Benzene is not only produced by the preservative sodium benzoate. Benzene is also often found in heated carrot products. For example, it was found in carrot juice from Schneekoppe and in HIPP's "Biosaft Pure Carrot" and in carrot porridge vials from seven different manufacturers. The cause: Carrot juice and carrot paste are heated industrially. From preliminary stages of the carrot develops benzene. Since it is heated in closed vessels, it can not escape. After cooling, it remains in the food.(fr)

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