Sore throat: The risk of heart disease increases after only one week

Do you sleep enough each night or are your nights usually too short? Researchers at the University of Helsinki have now found in an investigation that people endanger their health when they sleep too little. One week too little sleep can be enough. The lack of sleep increases the risk of some diseases, said the Finnish medical experts in a press release.

Forcher has found that even one week to sleep causes little, that the body Forcher have found that one week of lack of sleep causes the body's immune system and metabolism to worsen. This increases the risk of cardiovascular disease.(Image: Gina Sanders /

Sleep deprivation affects the immune system, appetite and other factors in the health
Earlier study had already shown that sleep deprivation has a strong impact on human health. The effects affect our immune system, inflammation, carbohydrate metabolism and the hormones that regulate our appetite, the Finnish researchers said. For the first time, however, the new study revealed that cholesterol metabolism is also affected. The current study looked at the effects of cumulative sleep deprivation on cholesterol metabolism, say the experts. In addition, physicians analyzed the relationship to gene expression and lipoprotein levels in our blood. We have investigated the effects of lack of sleep on the functions of the body and which of these changes may in part increase the likelihood of causing disease, says Vilma Aho from the University of Helsinki.

scientists are analyzing the results of three older studies
The study also found that certain genes that regulate the transport of cholesterol are less active when people suffer from sleep deprivation. This circumstance could be detected both in laboratory tests, as well as in a grateful Finnish population study, say the authors. In their study, the researchers analyzed the data from three older studies that looked at the effects of sleep deprivation. An experiment, in collaboration with the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, simulated a full-work week of limited sleep under strictly controlled laboratory conditions, the physicians add.

When people suffer from sleep deprivation, they have less high-density lipoproteins
The researchers also used data from the so-called Dietary, Lifestyle and Genetic Determinants of Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome( DILGOM) study. This is a subset of the national FINRISK population study, the experts explain. In addition, the doctors still used the data from a study that should determine the cardiovascular risk in young Finns. The current study used data from 2007, in which all participants were between the ages of 30 and 45 years, the researchers say. The authors found that people suffering from sleep loss had less high-density lipoproteins( HDL).These are usually considered to be good cholesterol transport proteins, the physicians add.

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A week's sleep deprivation will make your body's immune system and metabolism worse
The new findings help explain a higher risk of cardiovascular disease when people generally sleep too little and are often over-tired, the researchers say. It is now easier to understand the mechanisms behind the increased likelihood of such diseases, the researchers explain. These factors can contribute to the onset of atherosclerosis. This causes inflammatory reactions and changes in our cholesterol metabolism, explains Aho. People should be better informed about the health significance of having sufficient sleep for us, experts suggest. In combination with a healthy diet and sufficient exercise, later on diseases could be prevented. Already one week too little sleep causes the body's own immune system and metabolism to change, adds Aho.(as)

If you sleep too little for a week, you endanger your health
Everyone should know the problem: If you sleep too little, it will be difficult for you to concentrate and you will feel weak and impotent. Physicians now realized that the effects of little sleep are far more serious. When people sleep too little, they are more likely to develop various debilitating diseases.

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