PC work: This way you can prevent eye problems in the office

Working on the screen: How to avoid eye discomfort in the office
Eye flickering and tired, dry eyes: Hardly anyone who works on the computer for several hours every day will be spared any such symptoms. Experts explain how to avoid such problems.

Hours of staring at the screen
More and more people spend most of their working time on the computer. If you sit at the desk all day and staring at the screen, not only often complaints such as back pain, but also problems with the eyes. What can be done when the eye itches and burns? In any case, one should treat the eyes again and again a break. But also important is the prevention. TÜV Rheinland explains in a communication how to avoid such complaints.

Many workers often stare at a screen for hours. In order to avoid eye complaints, attention should be paid to the correct lighting in the workplace, among other things.(Photo: pressmaster / fotolia.com)

Treat your eyes to a break
One reason for discomfort such as burning or itchy eyes, foreign body sensation, and increased sensitivity to light is too seldom a blink of the eye.

"The remedy is deliberate visual pauses, where the gaze is directed into the distance and a regular eyelid strike ensures a good distribution of the tear film on the eye," Dr. Wiete Schramm, occupational physician of TÜV Rheinland.

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Other experts suggest regular relaxation. This is how it helps to apply an eye compress every two hours.

The eyes are closed and the elbows are supported on the desk. Then place your palms over your eyes, resting your palms on the bone under your eyes. Afterwards, light pressure is applied to the eyes for a few minutes with the hands.

Decreasing tear production
Since the described eye complaints may be due to diminishing tear production in old age or medical conditions such as diabetes, constant draft through an air conditioner or the blower in the car, care should be taken that the air flow is not directly on the faceand eyes is directed.

"The right lighting in the workplace is important for good vision. The combination of direct and indirect light, reflected from the ceiling or the walls, has proven its worth, "writes TÜV Rheinland.

Correct workplace lighting
According to the experts, the level of illumina- tion at the workstation should be around 500 lux and in the surrounding area at least 300 lux. As the age diminishes, older workers need more light. Here, 750 to 1000 lux may be useful to allow a fatigue-free reading.

Also recommended are individual workplace luminaires, which allow the lighting to be adapted to personal needs.

Equally important for relaxed vision is avoiding reflections on bright, smooth, shiny or reflective surfaces. Matte, non-reflective surfaces in office furniture and the choice of wall colors reduce the strain.

"The use of different light colors in a room makes eyes difficult. For working on the screen, neutral white or daylight white light is best. Warm white light with its higher proportion of reds and yellows has a relaxing effect and is popular for living spaces, "says Werner Lüth, Head of Occupational Safety at TÜV Rheinland.(ad)

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