High blood pressure: The blood pressure can be lowered with magnesium

High blood pressure with magnesium lower
Blood pressure is one of the national diseases in Germany. He hardly makes any complaints, but can have serious consequences. For this reason, it is important to lower arterial hypertension. This works by active movement, weight loss, blood pressure core, but also with magnesium.

The Society for Biofactors e. V. underlines the importance of magnesium supply for blood pressure. Studies have shown that a significant proportion of hypertensive patients suffer from a magnesium deficiency which favors vasoconstriction and thus increases blood pressure, the experts explained. Since hypertension is the main risk factor for heart and vascular diseases, the health risks could be significantly reduced by adequate magnesium supply for those affected, according to the BioFactor's Communication.

High blood pressure can harm our health. Medics were looking for new ways to lower blood pressure. They found that the daily intake of magnesium can help sufferers.(Image: Kurhan / fotolia.com)

Magnesium preparations can reduce blood pressure
The renowned bloodpressure specialist Prof. Dr. Klaus Kisters, Chief Physician of the Medical Clinic I at the St. Anna Hospital in Herne, explicitly referred to the importance of the magnesium supply for the blood pressure in a series of lectures by the Society for Biofactors.

According to the expert, the elevated blood pressure values ​​can often be normalized by changing the way of life and taking magnesium supplements. According to the blood pressure specialist, the use of appropriate preparations can have a positive effect both with regard to borderline as well as manifest hypertension. As the expert for applied pharmacology and clinical pharmacotherapy of the Scientific Advisory Board of the Society for Biofactors, Prof. Dr."

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Magnesium deficiency poses a significant health risk
Numerous "epidemiological studies have shown convincingly that magnesium deficiency leads to an increase in the risk of cardiovascular disease," emphasized the specialist for pharmacology on behalf of the Society for Biofactors. A simple conversion of the diet is usually not sufficient to remedy the supply of magnesium, according to Prof. Schmidt.

The expert recommends preparations made of special magnesium compounds, the so-called magnesiumorotate being of "clinically relevant specificity", since the contained orotic acid also has heart-protecting properties. This "vitamin-like substance" promotes the health of the heart as announced by the Society for Biofactors."Clinical studies show that this combination improves the resistance and performance of endangered and damaged hearts, stabilizes cardiac rhythm, and also lowers blood pressure levels," emphasized Prof. Schmidt.

A magnesium deficiency can be recognized by symptoms such as muscle cirrhosis, muscle twitching, cramping, tense, cramps, headaches, heart stumbling, chest tenderness, brittle fingernails, caries and sleep disorders. According to the Society for Biofactors, the intake of sufficient magnesium is of particular importance for health.(sb, fp)

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