Over one thousand patients are allowed to buy marijuana for therapy

About 1000 people in Germany are allowed to buy cannabis for self-care
Marijuana is not used for intoxication but also for medical purposes. According to a media report, around 1,000 people in Germany are allowed to purchase cannabis for self-care. In the future, there will be marijuana on sick leave.

Marijuana for the treatment of pain
Marijuana is not only consumed as a drug. In medicine, it has been used for a long time, among other things, for the treatment of chronic pain or against spastic paralysis and seizures in multiple sclerosis( MS).The effect against complaints such as nausea and vomiting is scientifically proven. In addition, cannabis is supposed to be helpful against migraine, as US researchers in the journal "Pharmacotherapy" reported.

In Germany, about 1,000 people have an exemption to purchase marijuana for medical self-care in a pharmacy.(Image: rgbspace / fotolia.com)

Exemption for Cannabis Acquisition in the Pharmacy
Last summer, 90% of Germans expressed their opinion in a survey for easier access to cannabis for patients.

As reported by the news agency dpa, 1,004 persons in Germany currently have an exemption from the requirement to buy marijuana for medical self-care in a pharmacy.

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This is the result of a response from the Federal Government to a parliamentary inquiry, writes the newspapers of the Funke Mediengruppe.

Accordingly, 452 approvals were granted in the current year alone. On April 6, the Federal Administrative Court had allowed the first patient in Germany to cultivate cannabis for medical purposes. Meanwhile, two people have permission.

Abolish bureaucratic hurdles
A more liberal practice is called for by the linkparty that put the request."Anyone who really wants to help cannabis patients has to abolish all bureaucratic hurdles," said the drug-spokesman for the party, Frank Tempel, according to dpa."The more uncomplicated the regulation, the better for the patients."

In future, pain patients will be able to get marijuana on prescription at the pharmacy. The Federal Government had launched a draft bill in May.

As Federal Health Minister Hermann Gröhe( CDU) said at the time, the cost of marijuana as a medicine for traffickers should be taken over by their health insurance. A general cannabis release is however rejected by the government.(ad)

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