Studies: Do women tend to be more overweight?

The general beauty ideals are slim and defined muscles. But how is it when choosing a partner for life? Do such attributes also count? An English study investigated this question. The researchers came to the conclusion that a small tummy could be helpful in men.

A British study suggests that when women choose a partner, men prefer men with a small belly. According to many women, these men are "more relaxed and more comfortable".Moreover, the concern is not so great that the partner is alien. Although the meaningfulness of the survey study is rather limited, other surveys came to similar conclusions.

Can help a little tummy? Image: Jacob Lund - fotolia

An athletic, muscle-packed man. This is the general beauty ideals of most women and men. But a so-called "prosperity belly" does not have to stand in the way of the partner search. This is true only if the man does not suffer too much from obesity. A British study concluded that "a large proportion of women prefer men with a belly".Many women stated as a reason that "the men with abdomen were more relaxed after their experiences and had a better character".

Well-trained bodies are beautiful but hardly suitable for a partnership
Although most women also said that they would prefer sexually-trained men, the "firm" would not be "very relevant".The comfortable belly wearers would say "time for the family instead of the gym".In addition, 'the internal values' would have a large share of value.

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Much more important, however, is another reason: Perfectly trained men would put women under pressure. They would want the women to be just as "perfect".The surveyed women said it would be more difficult to drop the wrappers in front of well-built men. The own, supposed weak points would be additionally emphasized by the good appearance of the trained men. However, there is certainly a difference between extreme obesity and a small belly attachment. Also, most women in the study did not have a strong overweight. In addition, obesity leads inevitably to serious cardiovascular disease, diabetes and thus to early death.

No scientific result
However, the significance of the study should be considered with some caution. It is not sufficiently secured according to scientific standards. It was carried out as part of the sale of the last DVD-TV season "Bad Neighbors".In the series show men with bigger and smaller bellies. The result of the study can therefore be predetermined with suggestive questions.

In Germany similar results
In Germany the market research institute Dialego had carried out a similar surveying study. In this study, however, men and women were questioned at the same time.56 percent of the men said they preferred to carry a few kilos too much with them. Only 24 percent said they want to lose weight. The women interviewed also saw a similar picture. In the teenagers, however, the result looked completely different. Here 40 per cent of the interviewees indicated that they still do not know how much their future dream-bear should weigh. The majority of young women preferred lean or muscular men. The values ​​seem to change in the course of the age and with the family planning.(sb)

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