Caution Sudden infant death: Always observe free airways

Special care is needed in the first days of a child's life
While fewer and fewer children in Germany suffer sudden infant deaths, the danger is still present. Especially in the first two days of life the risk of dying of sudden childhood death or an apparently life-threatening event is particularly high, warns the Berufsverband der Kinder- und Jugendärzte( BVKJ).

According to the experts, the risk factors in the first two days of life are still risk factors, which parents consciously avoid later due to an improved education. This leads to an increased risk of sudden childhood in the first days of the child's life. Parents should especially pay attention to free airways, reminds the professional association of the children and youth doctors by invoking a specialized contribution in the "monthly children's healing".

To minimize the risk of sudden childhood, parents should pay more attention to their free airways in their children, especially during the first days of life.(Image: allari /

Blocked airways often cause of sudden child death
The article shows that sudden childhood death has become significantly rarer due to primary prevention, especially the elucidation of all parents about avoidable risk factors. In the case of the apparently life-threatening events( ALE), the incidence with about 2/1000 live births remains the same."Very little is known that ALE and sudden childhood death can occur directly postnatal," the authors emphasize. In this case, the displacement of the upper airways often plays a role. For newborns "postnatal close monitoring" is recommended and "parents should be advised to always look for free airways with their child."

Sleeping on mom's belly a risk
For example, if the baby is lying on the mother's abdomen,according to the BVKJ the breathing can be hindered by the mother's breast. Often, the mothers are exhausted and sleep with the baby on their tummy, without noticing that the child does not get enough air. The child himself can not yet react accordingly to the need for air. Mothers and fathers should therefore always ensure that the respiratory tract of the newborn is free, emphasizes Prof. Dr. Hans-Jürgen Nentwich, child and adolescent physician as well as a member of the scientific advisory board at BVKJ.In addition, maternal body temperature could cause overheating, which is also a risk factor for sudden infant death.

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Minimize the risk of sudden child death
In order to minimize the risk, the BVKJ advises that the baby should lie asleep in the sleeping bag in a separate bed with a solid support in the parent's bedroom. Furthermore, the risk of sudden childhood death can be reduced by means of a well-tempered, non-heated and non-smoking environment, by the omission of utensils in the child's bed, which can reach the child's head( such as pillows, blankets or cuddly toys)of a pacifier ".

Detect warning signs and react correctly
According to Professor Dr. Hans-Jürgen Nentwich is "pallor or a blue skin discolouration in the baby, marked change in muscle tension, e.g.when the infant suddenly suddenly becomes limp, and choking or a strongly altered breathing, should always react to the parents. "In this case, an emergency physician or the emergency department should be contacted, as appropriate, and first aid measures should be initiatedin infants, however, with extreme caution. How the ventilation in infants has to be done, for example, is explained on the website of the German Red Cross. Participation in an appropriate first aid course is also highly recommended.(fp)

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