Aim: Give up smoking: Effective smoking cessation with the doctor

Good intent: At least one precaution should be
"Smoking is lethal" sentences and shock pictures on cigarette packs make the smoker more than he likes how harmful the regular grip to the glow stick is. Most people try to ignore these hints simply because it is so hard for them to keep their fingers off. Who in the new year the intention to finally stop, finds support with the doctor.

Numerous health problems are directly related to tobacco consumption and often lead to fatal diseases. Apart from addictive nicotine, tobacco smoke contains more than 4000 substances. These include many pollutants such as carbon monoxide, formaldehyde and various heavy metals. They weaken the body's immune system and cause damage particularly to organs that come into direct contact with them. Particularly affected are the upper and lower respiratory tract such as the oral cavity, tongue, throat, larynx, esophagus, air tube, bronchial tubes and lungs."When the smoke is inhaled, the tissue is irritated. In the long run, this leads to its impairment, "explains Dr. Uso Walter, Chairman of the HNOnet NRW Medical Network."Mucous membranes, pharynx and larynx can occur." The mucous membranes can also no longer function as a defense against pathogens. Bacteria and viruses were found, infections occurred.

Good reasons to quit smoking are enough. Whoever can not do it alone can find help with ENT doctors. On the way to non-smokers, they often accompany special medical smoking cessation programs. They are based on current research findings and support patients with tailor-made therapy plans during the difficult process. For example, there are carbon monoxide tests showing the degree of dependency of patients. The results obtained are the basis for individual measures. In order to minimize smoking, the range is from drug support to acupuncture.

Anyone who does not get rid of the vice will be advised by ENT physicians to have the oral cavity, larynx and cervical spine regularly examined in order to exclude cancer in the mouth, throat and larynx."In order to detect and treat possible changes at an early stage, endoscopic screening is recommended approximately every two years," explains Dr. Walter. The ENT health examinations do not belong to the performance catalog of the statutory health insurance funds. Whoever invests 60 euros and takes about 20 minutes every 2 years can, however, often avert serious consequences of smoking. Malignant changes often appear very late in complaints.(pm)

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