Health hazards by New Year's fireworks: Experts warn against bombers and co

Experts warn: eyes, ears and hands endangered by New Year's fireworks
Millions of people in Germany will be greeted with a fireworks display during New Year's Eve. This is often associated with a danger for the eyes, ears and hands, warn health experts. Affected people should receive help quickly.

Burns, eye injuries and hearing damage
As every year, doctors warn against the dangers caused by the associated fireworks before the turn of the year. Again and again thousands of people are being hurt by bombers, rockets and other items. There are burns to the hands and face every year, injuries to the eye and eyelids, hearing impairments and banging trauma. Doctors from the Freiburg University Clinic therefore point out in a communication that they should be careful when burning fireworks.

Health experts are warning of the dangers caused by fireworks. Bouncers and rockets can lead to burns and eye injuries.(Image: skatzenberger /

Self-constructed and unauthorized explosive devices are particularly dangerous

Injuries are often the result of self-built or non-approved explosive devices. Those affected should, as a matter of urgency, seek help from specialists in the most difficult cases.

As the report states, injuries in the Silvesternacht usually require speedy treatment."Do not try to treat something by yourself, but go straight to an emergency medical center. Already low external pressure can seriously damage this situation ", recommends Prof. Dr. Thomas Reinhard, Medical Director of the Clinic for Ophthalmology of the University Hospital of Freiburg.

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"Those affected should immediately treat eye injuries and not wait, or even sleep their sleep, For this, the healing prospects are significantly reduced compared to an immediate treatment. "

Extreme strain on the ears
When an explosive explodes, an extreme load is applied to the ears. The experts of the university clinic are therefore advised to protect themselves by earplugs and sufficient distance.

The Medical Director of the Department of Otorhinolaryngology, University of Freiburg, Prof. Dr. Roland Laszig, recommends that anyone who has symptoms such as ear noises or hearing impairment the following day consult an ENT physician.

"Every year around 8,000 people in Germany suffer from hearing impairments at New Year's Eve, usually a so-called" trauma ".The symptoms often disappear with time. But in many cases the hearing is damaged for months, years or even a whole life, "the doctor said.
Householding in light burns
In addition, burns of hands and face are often associated with burning explosives, especially in the case of self-made or non-approved articles.

In small cases, sneezing and house remedies can be used against burns. The healing effects of aloe vera play an important role here.

"Cool larger burns, but do not try to clean the wound or open fire bubbles. You should leave this to specialists ", explains Dr. Thorsten Hammer, Medical Director, Surgery of the University Emergency Center at the Freiburg University Hospital.

Health hazards from smoke
Another health hazard emanating from the New Year fireworks is the smoke caused by the ignited bouncers and rockets. The particulate matter particles contained therein can strongly impair the respiratory tract when inhaled.

This leads to symptoms such as cough, dyspnoea, and eyebrows. In addition, the cardiovascular system can be overloaded. Especially lung patients suffering from asthma or smokers, for example, should not be placed directly in the smoke of fireworks.(ad)

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