Healthy diet and regular exercise are extremely important for young people

The fruit and vegetable consumption of the German
Although a study was recently published, according to which more and more Germans eat healthier and more often on fat, sugar and meat. On the fruit and vegetable consumption, the trend but apparently little effect. Consumption is stagnant. In a study that examined how well or poorly Germans and other Europeans live, it was even shown that the consumption of fruit and vegetables by the German population is extremely poor by international standards. Basically, a healthy diet is very important to most residents of the country, but desire and reality often do not always match.

Healthy eating and regular exercise is very important to young people in Germany. However, desire and reality are far from always the same.(Photo: Alexander Raths /

Desire and reality do not always match
"Consumers increasingly want to eat a more balanced diet," said Christoph Minhoff, Managing Director of the Confederation of the German Food Industry( BVE), summarizing the results of the new joint study with the companyfor Consumer Research GfK, the "Consumers' Choice '17", together.

"However, desire and reality do not quite fit together, every second knows nothing about the term healthy eating. We have to close this gap with information, "Minhoff said in a statement.

The study titled "In Search of New Nutritional Patterns. The Connection of Enjoyment, Health and Community in an Accelerated World "was presented on Friday at the General Food and Beverage Exhibition( Anuga) in Cologne.

investigates which nutritional trends are permanently established on the market and how food manufacturers react to these trends.

Healthy eating and exercise is important for young consumers
Every third person practices exercise regularly and buys at least one protein product per year. The positive relationship between sports and nutrition for health is increasingly solidifying in the consciousness of consumers.

protein products are the growth segment of the year, the demand among young and fitness-oriented consumers is above average( here almost every second buys).

The boys also drive other trends such as gluten-free, zero or lactose-free. However, consumers' ignorance of the subject of healthy nutrition is astonishingly high and 54 percent say they are not familiar with it.

Consumers Want Fresh Products
Much nature and as fresh as possible, across generations, these characteristics make food authentic to the consumer.

In the last ten years, the freshness orientation of German households has increased by 44 percent, so today almost every second( 46 percent) prefers food from the fresh assortment as opposed to canned food.

Quality and Sustainability
The quality and sustainability orientation of consumers is increasing. In addition to the taste and understanding of values ​​but also determines the nutritional habits of the current food supply.

Trend-conscious consumers want to feed themselves. Trends such as organic, gourmet or convenience have become established and continue to grow.

Today, the highest growth rates are protein( 62.2 percent), soy( 21.3 percent) and veggie( 18.1 percent).The new product trends do not displace the old ones, but build on them.

All trends have in common the focus on a healthy diet. However, the open-mindedness of consumers knows limits, as extreme nutritional trends such as paleo, vegan, insect foods or in-vitro meat have virtually no acceptance among consumers, according to the statement.

Little time to cook for yourself
A fast-moving everyday life leaves many consumers little time to deal with nutrition, food or even cooking. Over the last four years, the number of consumers who cook traditionally every day has fallen by a good six percent.

On the other hand, the number of consumers eating or snacking on the go, and those who occasionally cook for quality, is on the rise. These consumers are found especially in the younger trend-affine generations.

Not surprisingly, these also drive the use of digital( cooking) convenience. Whether smart kitchen appliances, digital cooking apps or shopping helpers, 23 percent of consumers are open-minded here.(ad)

Healthy eating and exercise important for young consumers
According to a recent study, it is important for young people in Germany to eat healthily and to exercise regularly. However, desire and reality do not always match.

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