Fully tamped? New app announces necessary changes

New Invention: App notifies when to change tampon
Women who have their days are usually advised to change tampons and sanitary napkins at least every two hours otherwise they may present a health hazard. A new app will inform users in the future, when it is time for the change. From 2017, the "smart tampon" should be available.

Sanitary Risks of Tampons
When it comes to proper intimate hygiene during menstruation, women are often advised to change tampons and sanitary napkins at least every two hours. If tampons stay in the vagina too long, sometimes even life-threatening dangers threaten. Last year, for example, the case of a young girl who died of Toxic Shock Syndrome( TSS) was reported because she forgot to change the tampon. A new invention could in the future contribute to the fact that girls and women no longer forget the change. A US company is currently working on tampons that communicate via Bluetooth when saturated.

Women should regularly change tampons during their period, as otherwise there are dangers to health. A new invention from the US should make it possible to report via app when a tampon is soaked.(Image: kellyreekolibry / fotolia.com) women should change regularly during their period tampons, otherwise there is a danger to health. A new invention from the US should make it possible to report via app when a tampon is soaked.(Image: kellyreekolibry / fotolia.com)

gadget measures how full the tampon is
A startup from the US is currently making special tampons that communicate via Bluetooth when they're soaked and it's time to change. The tampon is connected by a ribbon with a gadget, which measures how full the tampon is. This information is sent to an app. The gadget is attached to the waistband of underpants. The so-called "My. Flow" tampons are expected to come onto the market in 2017.According to media reports, the sensor should cost around 40 euros once. The necessary tampons should be sold in a 50-piece subscription for just under € 11.

New Invention to Prevent Toxic Shock Syndrome
It is said that "My. Flow" is designed to prevent Toxic Shock Syndrome( TSS), among other things. It is an infectious disease with the bacterium Staphylococcus aureus. The bacteria can theoretically penetrate through any wound in the body, but often reach the pathogens via tampons in the organism, especially if they remain too long in the body. Typical symptoms include high fever, headache, dizziness, drop in blood pressure, itchy rash, muscle pain, nausea and diarrhea. An infection can lead to severe circulatory and organ failure.

Rare disease can be fatal
Colloquially, TSS is also referred to as "tampon disease".With a rate of infection of one person per 200,000 inhabitants per year, the rate is very rare. However, the disease can also be fatal, as various cases showed. A TSS case of a celebrity made a few years ago an international sensation. Former Vogue model Lauren Wasser lost a leg at the time, though she said she had kept to the rules and changed her tampons on a regular basis. The American woman is sure that wrong material and lack of education are to blame for everything. The ex-model has since been strong for a change in the materials of tampons. According to some experts, tampons made of 100 percent cotton would represent a significantly lower risk. However, the majority of producers - including those in Germany - use a mix of viscose fiber and cotton, or pure viscose.(ad)

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