More and more children suffer from type 2 diabetes

Children and adolescents are increasingly suffering from type 2 diabetes, also called diabetes mellitus. It used to be known as old-age diabetes.

The causes of the spread of the disease among young people are too much sugar and too little exercise. Although diabetes 2 is genetically predisposed, overweight and lack of exercise promote the onset of the disease.

Never before have we moved so little and fed so much sugar( Fiedels) Never before have we moved so little and fed so much sugar( Fiedels)

Dangerous consequences

Diabetes 2 has dangerous effects. Without treatment, it destroys the blood vessels, the risk of suffering a heart attack increases massively - as well as the risk of strokes. Nervous disorders and blindness can also occur.

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The hormone insulin transports the sugar from the blood into the cells. In diabetes 2, the cells barely react to insulin and can therefore no longer process the sugar.

fatty tissue releases precisely the messengers that promote this insulin resistance, lack of exercise weakens the insulin uptake of the muscle cells.

Why in children?
People in Germany have never consumed so much sugar without working so little physically. Children are more and more and eat more and more sugar: Internet and television, combined with chips, "energy drinks", coke and a lot of chocolate prepare the diabetes 2.

Preventing Diabetes
Full nutrition and exercise are the best ways to prevent diabetes. For example, those who work sitting can cycle daily, swim or jog once a week. Maintaining a garden or doing some shopping on foot brings balance.

Anyone who moves a lot can also consume more energy. Those who only sit at their desks should, on the other hand, count on low-calorie food: vegetable chips instead of Haribo, water or spritzers instead of coke.

Diabetes 2 is characterized by constant urination, excessive thirst, irritation in vision, poorly healing wounds and fungal infections.

Patients can also heal by reducing weight, changing their diet, and moving.(Dr. Utz Anhalt)

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