Obese people in Germany are overly stigmatized and marginalized

XXL Report: Thickness makes you sick and lonely
Obese people have to fight not only against their overweight, but often also against prejudice and social exclusion. According to a recent survey, a majority of Germans find overweight unaesthetic.

More and more Germans are too fat
More and more people worldwide are suffering from obesity and obesity. In Germany, for example, about 7 million people were in therapy for obesity in 2014 alone. Compared to 2006, this was an increase of 14 percent. Those affected need to fight not only against their superfluous pounds but also against prejudice and social exclusion, as a recent study shows.

People who are very fat fight not only against their overweight, but often also against prejudice and exclusion. According to a recent study, many Germans avoid contact with obese people.(Photo: SENTELLO / fotolia.com) People who are very fat fight not only against their overweight, but often also against prejudice and exclusion. According to a recent study, many Germans avoid contact with obese people.(Bild: SENTELLO / fotolia.com)

Overweight people are stigmatized and marginalized
The thicker the human being, the more they feel discriminated, researchers at the Integrated Research and Treatment Center( IFB) said in a study last year that Adiposity Disorders of the University of LeipzigYear.

That is not only felt so, now shows a current analysis of the health insurance DAK health. The "XXL report: opinions and assessments on overweight and obesity" shows that obese people in Germany are often stigmatized and marginalized. Accordingly, 71 percent of the population are severely overweight unaesthetic. Each eight consciously avoids contact with those affected.

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    People with over 60 accompanying diseases
    According to a statement from the health insurance company, the Forsa investigation also showed that the majorityRespondents believe that obese people are themselves to blame for the superfluous pounds and too lazy to lose weight.

    Adiposity has long been a national disease that is caused by many factors. According to studies, obesity can be the cause for more than 60 companion diseases. Among these are diseases of the vessels and the cardiovascular system such as hypertension, coronary heart disease or arteriosclerosis( arterial calcification).

    In addition, obesity increases the risk of joint arthritis( arthrosis), diabetes, and cancer. According to health experts, a minimal weight reduction would already have a positive effect.

    One in four adults is adipose
    According to DAK data, every fourth German adult between 18 and 79 years is obese. That is 16 million people. Women and men are equally affected. The proportion of patients with extreme obesity( BMI over 40) has even more than doubled between 1999 and 2013.

    The body mass index( BMI) is calculated by dividing the body weight in kilograms by the square of the body size in meters. Adults with a BMI above 25 are classified as overweight by the World Health Organization( WHO), and over 30 as overweight.

    Lightweight overweight is partly positively evaluated
    According to the "XXL report" of the DAK health, light overweight in our society is usually still accepted and in some cases even positively evaluated, but "obese people have a hard lot in our society. They are fighting for pounds and prejudices, "says DAK's CEO, Thomas Bodmer. An enlightenment campaign is intended to help stigmatize the victims.(ad)

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