Bicycle helmets prevent up to 70 percent of fatal head injuries

Be sure to wear a helmet when you ride bicycles
bicycle helmets do not really look great, ruin the hairstyle and lead to an increased release of sweat on your head. Nevertheless, you should not go without a helmet while riding a bicycle. Researchers have now found that wearing the bicycle helmet drastically reduces the risk of serious head injuries and death from head injuries.

There are still many people who do not wear helmets when cycling. As a result, those affected are exposed to an unnecessarily high risk. The researchers at the University of New South Wales in Australia found that a bicycle helmet reliably protects against serious and fatal head injuries. Wearing a helmet reduces serious head injuries by 69 percent. The probability of a fatal head injury is reduced by 65 percent. The physicians published the results of their study in the journal "International Journal of Epidemiology".

Many parents take care that their children wear a bicycle helmet. Often the parents themselves do not wear helmets. Helmets can prevent serious injuries and even deaths.(Picture: animaflora / Many parents take care that their children wear a bicycle helmet. Often the parents themselves do not wear helmets. Helmets can prevent serious injuries and even deaths.(Picture: animaflora /

Medical experts examine the data of more than 64,000 cyclists
The experts analyzed the data of more than 64,000 cyclists from 40 separate studies for their study. The scientists presented their results at the Safety 2016 world conference in Finland.69% of severe head injuries, 51% of general head injuries and 33% of facial injuries can be prevented by wearing a helmet, explain the authors.

Do helmets cause neck injuries and change our risk tolerance?
There have also been assumptions so far that wearing a helmet could cause neck injuries. The researchers now found that neck injuries were rare and were not caused by helmets. Other arguments against the wearing of a helmet were, for example, that helmet wearers are more likely to take greater risks. An earlier study confirmed this hypothesis. But there are risks, against which a protective equipment or a helmet does not help, say the experts. So they do not ride better because they're wearing a helmet.

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Helmet requirement should be introduced in all countries
The results of the current study indicate that all cyclists have appropriate safety equipmentto think about. The subject is simply much more complicated than most people believe, according to the testimony of the researchers. There are not laws for wearing helmets in all countries. However, the new study results suggest that this may be improved, the physician adds.

Bicycle helmets and cycle paths save many people's lives annually
In Australia, it is a duty for cyclists to wear a helmet. There are fines for people without a bicycle helmet. These were even increased a short time ago, the authors explain. Some Australians see this law violating their rights. But bicycle helmets and traffic safety measures such as cycling trails prevent about 900 serious injuries and deaths every year in Australia. Of course not every bike helmet is equally good. Some helmets have a poor quality and thus protect much worse. The Stiftung Warentest also noted that there are shortcomings in bicycle helmets.

A bicycle helmet can decide life and death
The results of the study support the use of strategies for the use of bicycle helmets. Wearing bicycle helmets should be part of a comprehensive safety plan for cycling. A study last year already showed that a bicycle helmet can decide life and death.

A helmet does not protect you in any accident
Of course, a helmet is not helpful if you are crossed by a truck. However, the helmet makes a difference, for example, if you are flying over the handlebar by a braking or a rear-end collision, or by an inattentive driver, the authors explain.(as)

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