High blood pressure early diagnosis and treatment

Blood pressure is not an "aging disease"
According to the German high pressure league( DHL) about 20 to 30 million people in Germany suffer from hypertension( hypertension).Although almost every third person is affected, many think that hypertension is an "old-age disease".But this assumption is wrong. As the experts report during the Hypertherapy Day, elderly people are particularly affected, but younger people are also increasingly affected. Young men, in particular, are often unaware of their high blood pressure values ​​and can also be treated less frequently. Untreated hypertension is still one of the greatest health risks in the Western world. He is the number one risk factor for cardiovascular disease and is therefore responsible for many deaths from myocardial infarction or stroke.

About 20 to 30 million people in Germany are affected by hypertension. Many of them do not know about it. If hypertension remains untreated, life-threatening sequelae threaten.(Photo: Dan Race / fotolia.com) About 20 to 30 million people in Germany are affected by hypertension. Many of them do not know about it. If hypertension remains untreated, life-threatening sequelae threaten.(Picture: Dan Race / fotolia.com)

Many women do not know about the danger
Until the age of 45, mainly men are affected by hypertension, but after the age of 50, the number of affected women increases significantly. Women in menopause are often more prone to hypertension. This was pointed out by DHL on the occasion of the "World Hypertension Day 2016", which takes place this year under the motto "blood pressure in motion".By the age of 70 women have overtaken the men. According to experts, however, there are still too few women aware of this danger, although they tend to be more health-conscious than men and are more likely to go to the doctor.

120 instead of 140 as a new blood pressure target
Blood pressure is considered to be a higher than 140/90 mmHg. The significance of regularly measured blood pressure values, however, is higher according to experts. They are usually systolic( upper value) and diastolic( lower value) by the five mmHg less than with the physician, because then the "white-coat effect" disappears. It has been controversial for many years to determine which values ​​should be the most appropriate for hypertensives. According to some experts, 120 instead of 140 will be the new blood pressure target.

25% reduction of myocardial infarction
Within the scope of the so-called SPRINT study over 9,300 blood pressure patients in the USA were adjusted to a very low level below 120 mmHg. The subjects were high-risk patients with already diagnosed cardiovascular disease. In the intensive therapy group of the study, a 25 percent reduction in the risk of myocardial infarction, stroke, chronic heart failure or death had been observed by a cardiovascular disease. In addition, 38 percent fewer cases of chronic heart failure, 43 percent fewer cardiovascular deaths, and a 27 percent decrease in total mortality. However, more side effects such as increased renal function disorders and episodes of too low blood pressure have also been observed. Patients should therefore be closely monitored during such intensive therapy. But such a procedure is likely to provide advantages for high-risk patients, the researchers reported.

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Blood pressure can often be treated without medication
In many cases, hypertension can also be treated without medication. In addition to a healthy, varied diet with little fat, sugar and salt, regular movement can be mentioned here. Alcohol consumption should be reduced and smoking should be abandoned. Also overweight is to be avoided. In addition, relaxation exercises for stress reduction such as yoga or autogenic training can be very effective and positively influence high blood pressure values. Some home remedies can provide good support against hypertension. Kneipp's applications, such as an ascending arm, have proven to be effective. For this, fill the washbasin with 35 degrees of warm water and bathe their forearms therein. Within fifteen minutes the temperature should rise to 39 degrees.(ad)

risk factor hypertension: also affects many younger people
Almost every third German suffers from hypertension. Many, however, know nothing about it. Frequently, hypertension is dismissed as "old age", but many younger people also have too high blood pressure. Untreated hypertension can have serious consequences and lead to fatal diseases.

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