Judgment: manipulations of the children can provide accompanying treatment

OLG Oldenburg: Father must tolerate contact under youth welfare supervision
Promotes a separated father with manipulations of children the conflict with the mother, the right of access can be limited. Because the manipulations lead to a risk to the welfare of the child, a court may order the handling of the father with his children only under the supervision of the Youth Office, the Higher Regional Court( OLG) Oldenburg ruled in a notice announced Wednesday( ref.: 4 UF 5/17),

The district court Oldenburg had arranged in the specific case that a separated father may only meet his eight and five year old and with the mother living children under the supervision of the youth welfare office.

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The father considered the order of "escorted conduct" unlawful. He referred to his good relationship with his children. His ex-partner also took the children to Turkey without his permission. Only he had succeeded in getting the children back to their familiar environment in Oldenburg.

The Higher Regional Court, however, considered the restriction of access rights to be lawful because of a threat to the best interest of the child. The children would have to be protected from manipulation of the father. On her return from Turkey, the latter had asked her to explain to the authorities that they refused to contact the mother. Also, they should truthfully claim that the mother left them alone and beaten.

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    The father has repeatedly stated that he does not recognize the German legal system. Therefore, it is to be feared that he will not accept the custody decision taken by the family court in favor of the mother, the OLG.The children also credibly reported on mistreatment of the father. Against this background, only the arrangement of an "accompanied handling" comes into consideration.

    Following this referral decision of 17 January 2017, the father withdrew his appeal against the District Court decision.fle / mwo

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