Aphrodisiac perfume has no effect

New study shows: aphrodisiac perfumes do not work
Some plants, such as vervain, are said to have aphrodisiac properties. The scent of such plants is also used for perfumes that are supposed to weaken potential sexual partners. But many fragrances evaporate apparently without effect.

Aphrodisiac Duftwässer No Effect
According to a survey, three quarters of women and men in Germany feel more well-groomed when they apply perfume. It also showed that it makes many people more confident. But there are also people who use the scented water to exert on others a stronger sexual attraction. However, Australian researchers now report that aphrodisiac scents do not seem to weaken.

Some people use special perfumes that have an aphrodisiac effect. However, many of these fragrances evaporate without effect.(Image: vladimirfloyd / fotolia.com)

No lure effect on the potential sexual partner
According to the study of scientists from the University of Western Australia, perfumes enriched with the substances estratetraenol( EST) and androstadienone( AND) have noenticing effect on possible sexual partners.

These are two components of often expensive perfumes, which advertise to increase the attraction to the opposite sex in women or men.

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The results of the study have now been published in the journal Royal Society Open Science.

messengers have no effect
According to a statement from the university, the researchers tested EST and AND on a total of 94 heterosexual women and men.

In order to arrive at their results, the study participants were asked in a first experimental step to assign gender-neutral faces composed of male and female computer pictures to a gender.

In a second trial, subjects had to rank faces by attractiveness and state whether they trusted a person to jump on the side.

According to the researchers, the use of the substances EST and AND had no impact on the decisions in both experiments.

Conflicting results in other studies
According to earlier studies - including those from perfume labs - the opposite is true. However, the current research indicates that there is no scientific evidence that the two substances are attractants to humans.

"AND and EST are probably not human pheromones," one of the researchers said. Pheromones are messengers that serve to transmit information between similar individuals.

According to the University Communication, much of the research in this area focuses on the fact that AND and EST are human pheromones "because of our fascination with how we can become attractive to the opposite sex".

There is a need for more "studies in this area, which are conducted transparently and objectively" to find out whether the substances are actually human pheromones.(ad)

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