Baderegeln: Blue lips a reference to undercooling

Blue Lips Should Have a Bath Break
Summertime is bath time. But children are too long splashing in the water, they can also undercool in warm outdoor temperatures. At the latest when the lips turn blue, it is therefore: Out of the water! Other rules should be followed, so that the bathing pleasure is not a risk.

Many children forget to splash around and do not realize how cold they already are. Not infrequently, they stand trembling and with blue lips in the pelvis, which are indications of hypothermia. At least now, a break should be filed, the reminder in the bathing rules of the German Life-Rescue Society( DLRG).Since children often do not have it in their own eyes, parents are also in demand here.

When splashing children often forget their cold feeling, which under circumstances can lead to hypothermia. Blue lips are a hint for this.(Image: lunaundmo / While splashing children often forget their cold feeling, which under circumstances can lead to hypothermia. Blue lips are a hint for this.(Picture: lunaundmo /

Leaving the water when feeling cold
When the lips turn blue, this indicates hypothermia and those affected should leave the water immediately, according to the DLRG.Basically bathers are asked when they feel cold to take a swim break - even if the physical signs such as blue lips and goosebumps may not yet exist. In addition, the experts recommend taking off the wet clothes after bathing in order to reduce the risk of a cold.

Cooling before bathing
Another important bathing rule, which according to the DLRG should be observed at high outside temperatures, is cooling down before bathing. This is especially true for older people, who have a somewhat weakened circulation anyway, but children should also consider the rule. Last but not least, the DLRG reminds that swimming with a full and empty stomach can also be a risk. In foreign waters should also be checked in addition, how deep they are and non-swimmers should maximally up to the chest into the water, the advice of the DLRG.(fp)

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