Natural medicine: Mung beans are the natural superfood

mung bean?- What's that supposed to be again? In times almost weekly of newly rediscovered superfoods of the Mayas or ancient Tibetan hill tribes, one is quite skeptical when once again presented a rather unknown vegetables. This is not appropriate in the case of the mung bean. After all, she is a good old acquaintance, even if her name rarely falls with us. After all, almost everyone has already eaten glass noodles or at least bean sprouts.

Behind both is nothing but the pea-sized bean from the Far East, one made from the flour of the bean, the other is their seedling. That this is falsely referred to as "soybean sprout", the mung bean can probably get over. But their importance in Asia, especially in China and India, is far too great. In India, the main producing country, 500,000 tonnes of mung beans are harvested each year to make the famous dal, which is traditionally made from a variety of legumes. The strong Indian spice will certainly do her good, because her taste is described as either mild, subtle or restrained, which any glass noodle will gladly confirm.

Healthy mung beans. Image: HandmadePictures - fotolia Healthy Mung Beans. Image: HandmadePictures - fotolia

In spite of its tasteful simplicity, the mung bean is superior to other beans in some respects - for example with a whopping 17 g fiber - but above all as far as its digestibility is concerned. Or have you ever heard of a legume that is seriously recommended as a remedy for flatulence? At least in Asian folk medicine, this recommendation is widely used, as well as their suspected effect against rheumatism, colds or liver complaints.

Those looking for fresh mung beans in our latitudes, must bring a lot of patience. Mostly, they are only available as preserves or in jars. Fresh sprouts, on the other hand, can be found in almost every supermarket as "bean sprouts".The sprouts should be rinsed well before consumption and blanched to destroy the contained phasin, a poisonous protein found in almost all legumes. Even the self-pulling of the sprouts is easily possible, mung bean seeds are considered extremely germ-friendly.

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This may also be the reason why mung bean seedlings are the standard test object in Asian studies on exposure to mobile phone radiation. A research group could even prove that their germination by cell phone radiation is at least delayed. What we learn from it? Eating mung beans is probably healthier than talking on the phone. Jürgen Beckhoff, aid

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