Healthy Ingredient: Do not pour white liquid on the yoghurt

Why you should not throw away the liquid on the yoghurt
A delicious breakfast without fresh yogurt is not conceivable for many people. If only there was not the white liquid on top. Some people just pour them away. However, these ingredients are valuable ingredients.

Do not pour away liquid on yogurt
For many, yogurt belongs to their daily diet. The milk product is digestible, easily digestible and has a positive effect on the intestinal flora due to the sour milk bacteria contained therein. In addition, scientific studies have shown that yogurt can protect against diabetes and - at least in women - the risk of hypertension. Also in the white liquid, which forms on the dairy product, there is health-promoting potential. It should therefore not be poured away.

Many Germans love yoghurts. However, less popular is the white liquid, which often forms on the dairy product. It should not be poured out, because it contains valuable components.(Image: niradj /

Whey with valuable ingredients
There are people who pour away the liquid from disgust, others stir it into the yoghurt. The latter is the better choice. The milky solution is milk serum or whey and contains very valuable ingredients.

It contains biologically high-quality protein, milk sugar( lactose), minerals and water-soluble vitamins B1, B2, B6, pantothenic acid, biotin and B12.

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The health of the high potassium and low sodium content as well as the high iodine content of the whey are also of health benefit.

In addition, the fluid has significantly less calories than milk. Also the fat content is significantly lower. In any case, it is better to stir the liquid into the yogurt than to pour it off.(ad)

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