Healthy Asian Cuisine: Korea Kimchi easy to prepare yourself

The healthy Sauerkraut from the Far East
A national dish from Korea has found its way into German cuisine. Kimchi is a sharply spiced vegetable, which is prepared by lactic acid fermentation. An important component is quinocea, but also other vegetable varieties such as carrots, radish and peppers are used. Kimchi is very healthy and - like the German sauerkraut - contains a lot of vitamin C, but also vitamin A, calcium and iron.

Kimchi is ready to buy in many asian shops. It tastes best however self-made. Manufacturing is not difficult, but takes some time. For the basic recipe, Chinakohl is first cleaned, washed and cut into strips. It comes in a large pot of salt water and is refrigerated for 12 hours. During the fermentation, no oxygen must be added to the vegetables. This can be achieved simply by placing a plastic bag full of water over the cabbage. This pushes the vegetables down and seals the sides at the same time.

Kimchi-the Japanese herb. Image: Kittiphan - fotolia

For the marinade, for example, finely sliced ​​carrots, peppers, onions, some sugar, ginger, chili and garlic are used. There are also variations with fish and seafood, and the sharpness can be determined by everyone. Now the quark cabbage is taken from the salt water and mixed with the marinade. It is best to use disposable gloves to keep the chili from burning on the skin. The marinated cabbage is then filled into a large preserving jar and poured with the remaining salt water. The vessel comes into the refrigerator, covered with a cloth. The lid should lie loosely on the opening. The cabbage is stirred once a day, so that it is always completely covered with liquid. After a week's maturity, the Sauerkraut from the Far East is ready.

With sealed lid and refrigerated, Kimchi is about six months old. During fermentation, aromas have developed which are responsible for the unique taste. However, for some European palates it is a bit habituation. Kimchi tastes on the sandwich or in the wrap, in soups and salads, but also as an exotic accompaniment to tofu, meat and fish. Heike Kreutz, bzfe

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