Statutory health insurance funds do not want to finance medical cannabis

Cannabis on prescription for disabled patients
On 10th March a new law came into force in Germany, which makes it easier for certain seriously ill patients to receive cannabis from the doctor on prescription. Federal Minister of Health Hermann Gröhe said: "People with disabilities must be provided with the best possible care. This includes the fact that the cost of cannabis as a medicine for trafficked persons will be covered by their health insurance if they can not be helped in any other way. "However, the coffers are obviously not quite in agreement with the assumption of costs and are now opposed.

Recently, a new law has come into force which allows the trafficked to get cannabis easily prescribed by the doctor. The costs are to be borne by the health insurance companies. These are now opposed.(Picture: AfricaStudio /

Performance spectrum of the German health insurance funds
According to a news from the news agency dpa, the German health insurance companies questioned that they are taking over the costs of cannabis therapies in the long term.

The law is based on monthly treatment costs of an average of EUR 540.

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A spokesperson for the German Health Insurance Agency( GKV) said: "For the permanent and regular"

It is therefore right that the Federal Government has commissioned a new study at the Federal Office of the Federal States to further investigate the effects of cannabis.

As the association said, "in a few years," the use of cannabis therapy will be a permanent feature of the statutory health insurance system ".

Provisional improvement of symptoms or disease history
According to a statement by the Federal Government, other therapeutic options must be exhausted so that patients who are arable and suffer from pain can receive cannabis medicines on prescription.

"Or the treating physician decides in a particular case that therapeutic alternatives are not appropriate," says the statement."In addition, cannabis medicines may only be prescribed if they are likely to improve the symptoms or the course of the disease."

The active substance of marijuana can help, among other things, in multiple sclerosis and the effects of chemotherapy in cancer patients.

To whom cannabis helps exactly
Patients who are eligible for medical treatment and who wish to be reimbursed by the health insurance company must be willing to participate in an accompanying research. This is supposed to provide data on who cannabis helps exactly.

"This research is important as there is as yet no adequate, scientifically reliable data on the therapeutic efficacy of cannabis. However, it is a prerequisite for statutory health insurance( statutory health insurance) to be able to cover drug costs, "writes the Federal Government.

Therefore, the Bundesopiumtelle will analyze the data on therapies within five years in line with the new Cannabis Act.

Scientific evidence for the health benefits
Even though the scientific evidence is not yet so numerous, there are some studies in which the health benefits of cannabis could be demonstrated.

In earlier studies, it has been shown that ingredients of hemp inflammation can inhibit and have a relaxing effect. It is also known that THC can alleviate cramps of multiple sclerosis patients.

is also the effect against pain, which is due to nerve damage. Cannabis drugs can also reduce the serious side effects associated with chemotherapies.

In addition, two studies were published last year suggesting that cannabis can prevent an Alzheimer outbreak and can be helpful against migraine.(ad)

Health insurance against cost of cannabis therapy
For some days, certain trafficked workers in Germany can get cannabis on prescription. The Act, which entered into force on 10 March, provides for the complete reimbursement of health insurance. But the cash registers are opposed.

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