Ear losses: By 2060, millions of people will lose their hearing completely

The scientists at Johns Hopkins Medicine in Baltimore found that by 2060, about 23 percent of American adults would lose their hearing. The physicians published the results of their study in the journal "JAMA Otolaryngology-Head &Neck Surgery ".

Many people suffer from hearing difficulties. If those concerned do not react to this problem, even a complete loss of hearing threatens.(Figure: Picture-Factory / fotolia.com)

In 2060, 23 percent of Americans will have suffered a hearing loss
In the current study, it became clear that by 2020, approximately 44 million American adults( 15 percent of adults) had a hearing losswill suffer. This figure will increase to 73.5 million( 23 percent of adults) by the year 2060.

Most affected people will be over 70 years of age
The observed increase will be greatest among older adults. In 2020, 55 percent of all adults with hearing loss will be 70 years or older, the experts say. In 2060, this rate will even rise to 67 percent.

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    Affordable interventions in hearing loss are urgently needed
    In the coming decades there will be an increased demand for affordable interventionsand services for hearing loss, explains the author Adele Goman of the John Hopkins Center on Aging and Health. The research team predicted rates of future hearing loss with the help of data from the US National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. Hearing loss is generally a major public health problem that will affect many adults in the future. In order to solve this problem, novel and cost-effective approaches for the treatment of hearing by the health care will be necessary, the authors say.

    Professional hearing aids are still very expensive
    The results of the current study show that there is unprecedented growth in this chronic health condition. In order to achieve an appropriate treatment of the impact of hearing impairment on those affected, urgent efforts must be made to ensure public and private insurance protection. Professional hearing aids are extremely costly, the experts explain.

    Hearing loss reduces the individual quality of life of the affected person
    Apart from the high costs, the hearing loss affects the individual quality of life and the general ability to communicate. Also the work of those affected and social and family activities suffer greatly from an occurring hearing loss, say the medical doctors.

    In age, we do not necessarily lose our hearing
    Hearing loss was also associated with a decrease in mental abilities. This effect demonstrates the need to treat problems with hearing within the population. And this importance will continue to grow in the future. As people grow older, they do not necessarily have to lose their hearing, the scientists explain. The most common cause of hearing loss is a prolonged exposure to very loud noises. These include, for example, loud music and loud noise in the workplace.

    Protect your hearing sufficiently
    In general, the hearing must be well protected. People should, for example, make sure that they limit the volume of the sound of headphones. Workers need to be adequately protected against industrial noise in the workplace.

    Hearing loss occurs creepily
    Hearing loss is a slow and insidious process. Changes can occur in the course of many years, usually these changes are not reversible later on, explain the experts.

    What is the effect of hearing loss in older adults?
    Among older adults suffering from hearing loss, there is a higher incidence of depression, anxiety, a higher rate of hospitalization, and even higher rates of falls, the authors say. This is a proof of a possible association between a hearing loss and the spiritual decline.

    In old age, people should regularly have their hearing checked
    If you are 55 to 60 years old, you should have your hearing regularly checked. This way you can avoid a complete hearing loss. People in old age should not consider hearing loss to be self-evident, the authors say. There are ways to reduce hearing loss and prevent a complete hearing loss by early treatment, the scientists explain.(as)

    hearing loss is an ever-increasing problem
    Many elderly people know the problem: Unfortunately the hearing becomes worse in old age. The hearing loss is widespread and will continue to affect more and more people in the future. American researchers have found that millions of people will lose their hearing completely by the year 2060.

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