New Study: Statins increase the risk of diabetes significantly in older women

Physicians investigate the effects of statins on older women
There have been discussions about the use of so-called statins and their alleged side effects for some time. Researchers have now found that statins used to lower cholesterol in older women significantly increase the risk of developing diabetes.

The researchers at the University of Queensland found in their study that statins increase the likelihood of developing diabetes in older women. The physicians published the results of their study in the journal "Drugs and Aging".

How does the use of statins in older women affect their risk of diabetes? Doctors were trying to clarify this question in a study.(Image: roger ashford /

What are statins?
Statins are usually used as a cholesterol lowering agent in cases of lipid metabolism. Of the lipid metabolism influencing agents, statins possess the highest potency, say the experts. Statins are often referred to as so-called cholesterol synthesis enzyme inhibitors. Statins are designed to reduce the incidence of cardiovascular events such as heart attacks and strokes.

Ingestion leads to a 35 per cent increase in the risk of diabetes in older women
Ingestion of statins leads to an increase in the probability of diabetes by 33 per cent in women over the age of 75, says Dr. Dr. Mark Jones from the School of Public Health at the University of Queensland in a press release from the University. The risk increased even to over 50 percent when the older women received higher doses of the drug.

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  • So far, there have been few clinical studies on the use of statinsin older women
    We found that almost 50 percent of the study participants were taking statins in their late seventies and eighties, and 5 percent of these women had newly diagnosed diabetes, explained Dr. Jones. Statins are often prescribed in this age group, but there are few clinical trials with regard to possible negative effects on older women. The majority of the research is carried out on 40 to 70 year old men, explains the expert.

    Are Statins Improving Survival in Cardiovascular Diseases?
    There have been recent independent studies which indicated that increased doses of statins improve survival in cardiovascular disease. However, given the new findings by the current study, older women should be more careful with taking increased doses of these drugs.

    There seems to be a link between dosage and diabetes risk
    Most surprisingly, we found a so-called dose effect that increases the risk of diabetes when the dosage of statins is increased, explains authorD. Jones from the University of Queensland.

    women often go to higher doses over time
    During the ten-year study, most of the women participating went to stronger doses of statins, the scientists report. Doctors and older female patients should be aware of the dangers arising from statins, explain the scientists.

    Regularly check blood glucose level
    Older women who are taking statins should be monitored carefully and regularly for elevated blood glucose levels. Only in this way can an early detection and treatment of diabetes be ensured, the researchers urge.

    physicians analyzed the data of 8,372 women
    The current research is based on recipes and surveys of a total of 8,372 women born between 1921 and 1926.These women were regularly examined as part of the so-called Australian Longitudinal Study on Women's Health.(as)

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