Verbena applications in naturopathy

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Legends and Tales

At the time, the name vervain was used to denote that folk belief saw it as protection against injury from iron weapons. Another legend says that Verbena officinalis is said to have comforted Christ on the Cross. Other names for this particular herb are Druid herb, Holy herb, Mercury blood, Myth herb, Sweet tooth and Nerve herb.

Verbena is good for making tea blends.(Image: tunedin / verbena is well suited for the preparation of tea blends.(Image: tunedin /

verbena was used as an aphrodisiac and was contained in love potions. As a magic plant, this should have shown against the "evil eye", against lightning and snake bites its effect. He was also said to have a peacemaking effect. So the Romans carried the herb in negotiating peace treaties with them. The Celts gave him

the name Druidenkraut. Their priests, also known as Druids, consumed this mystical plant to enhance their visionary powers and strengthen their magical powers. Also, the herb, placed over the bed, should protect against nightmares. The Gauls and the Romans even used verbena as a lucky charm - packed in an amulet and hung over.

As phytotherapy( herbal medicine) has gained more and more interest in recent years and occupies an important place, especially in naturopathy, also the verbena became "modern" again.

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The main ingredients are astringent Iridoidglykoside, caffeic acid derivatives, flavonoids, bitter substances, mucilage, low essential oils and small amounts of triterpenes and steroids.


Vervain grows along hedges, along roadsides and on rubbish sites. Despite its unpretentiousness, it has a large spectrum of effects. Often the herb is confused with the relatives, the lemon verbena. This smells and tastes, as its name suggests, pleasantly lemony. The verbena, however, contains few essential oils, therefore does not taste so good, but has much more healing properties.

This very special plant has antibiotic, antiviral, blood purifying, astringent, analgesic, slightly sweaty and anti-inflammatory. For the female body, the herb has a very special meaning, which is set out in the next section( "verbena for the woman").

Vervain is unsuitable during pregnancy - however, nursing mothers may be good at nursing mothers.(Image: gradt / Vervain is unsuitable during pregnancy - however, nursing mothers may be good at breastfeeding mothers.(Image: gradt /

vervain for the woman

vervain can help the woman to support her ovulation. The menstrual bleeding is also promoted. If you want to have children, the herb is included in many tea recipes. However, the intake should necessarily be discussed with a therapist. Verbena must not be used during pregnancy, as it stimulates the uterus. Midwives, who are attached to naturopathy, use the herb to start a stalled birth. After childbirth Verbena officinalis supports the regression of the uterus and stimulates milk production. Therefore, the herb is also in many breastfeeding mixtures, in addition to anise, fennel, cumin and lemon balm included. Women who are menopausal, nervous, irritable and may also suffer from sleep disorders can provide relief to the herb. A cup of verbena tea in the evening, makes falling asleep easier.

External use

verbena is a good wound healer. Wounds, especially cuts and burns, are supplied with verbena compresses. For this, one tablespoon of the dried herb is brewed with about a quarter of a liter of boiling water and strained after about five minutes. A sterile compress is soaked with the broth and thus blotted the wound several times.

The Verbena verbena is also helpful for cold sores, pimples and acne. It is best to dip a cotton swab into the broth and thus treat the affected area several times a day. Abscesses and boils may help with the healing of compresses. Insect bites do not itch so much when dabbed with the brew.

verbena tea acts as a tonic that refreshes and tones the skin at the same time.

Verbena for Abscesses and Boils

For a verbena that can help with abscesses and boils, one tablespoon of dried or two tablespoons of fresh verbena, 125 ml of water and 150 ml of fruit vinegar are required. The ingredients are boiled together for about two minutes and then the herb is squeezed out. The affected area of ​​the skin is covered with a little oil, for example olive or almond oil, placed over the pressed herb and fixed with a gauze bandage or a cloth. This envelope can last up to three hours.

Internal Use

Vervain is used for sore throat, mouth bleeding, bleeding gums, upper respiratory tract catarrh, fever, biliary and hepatic insufficiency, anemia, urinary disorders, heartburn, headache and nervous discomfort. Also, this phytotherapeutic to help a peaceful sleep.

For sore throat, it is best to gargle with a verbena tea. For this, we brew a teaspoon of the herb with about 250 ml of boiling water and strained after a brewing time of five to seven minutes. This tea is gargled several times a day. With oral mucosal inflammation, the tea is used for rinsing, but also for dabbing the affected areas.

For all other illnesses mentioned, the tea is drunk up to twice a day in small sips.

Various dosage forms of vervain exist - as mother tincture, tincture, homeopathically potentiated or as spagyric essence. Also in certain mixed preparations, especially for the treatment of sinus infections and other respiratory diseases, the herb is included.

Prescription for a tincture

An iron herb tincture can be easily made by yourself. You will need: 200g of dried or 300g fresh verbena and one liter of 35 to 40% alcohol. Cabbage and alcohol are shaken in a tightly closed container for two minutes and placed in a dark and cool place for two weeks. Then the whole thing is filtered with the help of a juice or wine press, discarded the residues and then filled the liquid in a brown glass bottle. When stored cool, the tincture lasts for up to two years. Internally 10 to 20 drops are taken two to three times a day. Half a teaspoon diluted with a glass of water serves as a refreshing tonic.

The Bach Flower Vervain

Vervain is a verbena flower that hides the verbena. Bach flower remedies were created by the English doctorEdward Bach discovered. He watched his patients closely and even then knew about the connection between body, soul and spirit. His love of nature led him on his walks to 38 different plants from which the Bach flower essences emerged and he then developed the Bach flower therapy. Each flower embodies a particular state of mind, such as fear, mistrust, insecurity, grief, and so forth. Vervain is the # 31 Bach Flower. People who need it are always eager to persuade and proselytize others. People who are driven, do not settle down, constantly worry about others and thereby exploit their own health. Vervain makes those affected more flexible, relaxed, tolerant and also calmer.


Although vervain is "only" an herb and the healing effects are not really recognized, the use should not be overstated and the recommended intake should not be exceeded. A medicinal herb may not be used for long-term medication - after four to six weeks of use, it is essential to take a break. Pregnant women, as already mentioned, should never use verbena. Even for children under 12 years vervain is not suitable for internal use.(sw)

Vervain is a fabled plant that was used in antiquity as a medicinal plant as well as in sacrificial ceremonies and ritual cleanings. The Latin name is Verbena officinalis. Even today, it is used successfully in naturopathy in many applications.

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