Cold feet: A winter time problem

Cold Feet - a Winter Time Problem: In the cold season many people, especially women, complain of cold feet. Experts give tips about causes and possibilities of self-treatment.

Wolfgang Wesiack, President of the Association of German internists points out that cold feet are a normal regulation of our organism: "When it is cold outside, the body must see that it maintains its core temperature".

This means that the symptoms are not abnormal but normal. This feature is called thermoregulation. It is necessary for the organism to maintain the core temperature in an external cold so as to maintain and ensure vital functions. The blood supply to the extremities( arms and legs) is regulated downwards by contracting the local blood vessels and the supply of the organs is ensured. But you can also train this regulation: Through hot-cold foot baths or general alternating baths and sauna visits, one can harden the body a little and make it more forgiving. Of course, this has to happen in the long run a

nd does not change in short periods of time.

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In natural healing, cherry pits and spelled pillows are recommended for use locally. The cores store the heat and release it slowly and very deeply. Also warm teas and thick wool socks are very advisable. It should be clarified that these are not changes of the vessels or nerves due to diseases such as arteriosclerosis or polyneuropathy.

Thorsten Fischer, Heilpraktiker from Hanover with a focus on osteopathy, to Heilpraxisnet to bear in mind that there are other factors: "The vessels run between the muscles in the fascia, the connective connective tissue. If it comes to mechanical limitations due to bonding, is oneImpairment of vascular supply conceivable. "Here, manual procedures such as osteopathy or Rolfing are indicated, which can restore the optimal supply by loosening the connective tissue.(sb 27.01.2010)

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