Researchers: These teas can help with weight loss and promote our health

Lose weight by consuming tea?

Over the past few years, there have been a lot of research into how the consumption of beverages such as coffee, black tea and green tea has an impact on our health. Researchers have now found for the first time that black tea causes a change in bacteria in the intestine, which can lead to weight loss and other health benefits.

The researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles( UCLA) found in their recent investigation that the consumption of black tea can have different health benefits. For example, the tea affects the energy metabolism in the liver by a change of intestinal metabolites. The researchers published the results of their study in the journal "European Journal of Nutrition".

Tea can help with weight loss.(Image: gudrun /

Black tea and green tea can affect the ratio of intestinal bacteria

The study found that both black and green tea alter the ratio of intestinal bacteria in animals. The percentage of bacteria associated with obesity decreased in the animals. In addition, the bacteria, which are associated with a slimmer body mass, are increased.

Tea can change energy metabolism in the liver

Earlier studies have already shown that certain chemicals are absorbed by the body in green tea( polyphenols) and change the energy metabolism in the liver. The results of the new study found that black tea polyphenols are too large to be absorbed in the small intestine. This stimulates the growth of darmbacteria and the formation of short-chain fatty acids. This particular type of bacterial metabolite can alter the energy metabolism in the liver.

Polyphenols from green tea are found in blood and tissues

"It was already known that green tea polyphenols are more effective and offer more health benefits than black tea polyphenols. This is because chemicals from green tea are absorbed into the blood and tissue, "explains the author Dr. Susanne Henning of the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition in a press release.

Tea can improve the well-being of people

"Our new findings indicate that black tea can change the microbiome of the intestine by a certain mechanism. This can contribute to improved health and weight loss in humans, "adds the expert. The results of the study show that so-called prebiotics are present in both green and black tea."These substances can induce the growth of good microorganisms that contribute to the well-being of a person," explains Dr. Henning continued.

Consumption of tea resulted in a weight loss in the study

For the study, four groups of mice received different forms of diet, two extracts were supplemented by green tea or black tea. After a period of four weeks, the weight of the mice who had previously received green or black tea extracts declined the scientists. The weight loss was similar to the mice that had received a low-fat diet during the study.

Impact of the consumption of tea extract

The researchers also collected samples from the large intestine of the mice( for the measurement of the bacteria content) and the leech web( for the measurement of fat deposits).When the mice took a kind of tea extract, there were fewer types of bacteria that are associated with the development of obesity. In addition, more bacteria have been found, which are associated with a slim body mass, say the medicines. However, in the mice consuming the black tea extract there was an increase in a kind of bacteria called Pseudobutyrivibrio. This could explain the differences in how black tea and green tea change the energies change, explain the researchers. The results found indicate that the health benefits of green tea and black tea go beyond their antioxidant benefits and both teas have a strong influence on the intestinal microbiom, says Dr. Dr. Zhaoping Li.( As)

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