Caution: Remedies for hair loss cause years of impotence

Undesirable side effects of hair loss agents
Up to 100 hairs a person loses an average every day. If they do not grow again, they are referred to as permanent hair loss. One of the most common forms is the round hair loss( Alopecia areata).Men are more affected than women. The causes of hair loss are manifold. For example, it can be caused by a lack of iron or by a thyroid gland. To stop the hair loss, sufferers often resort to drugs from the pharmacy. However, some of these products can make impotent - even after years, as US-American researchers have found out.

Men who use anti-hair loss drugs should take care of what they are taking. Because many of the remedies can be impotent - even years after the discontinuation of the preparations( picture: cunaplus /

Adverse effects after the discontinuation of the drugs to
In many countries scientists are looking for new therapies, Hair loss. Only last year, researchers from the USA reported on a new tool that proved to be very successful in regrowth.

Other medicines have been available in pharmacies for some time. However, these often have enormous side effects. For example finasteride, a means which interferes in the metabolism of the male sex hormones.

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Possible consequences: erectile dysfunction, libido-overload, and ejaculation disorders. These can stop according to instruction leaflet even after the withdrawal of the agent, reports "Spiegelonline".However, there is no information on how frequently these side effects persist.

A researcher has now investigated how often such problems occur and how long the duration of the exposure affects the risk. In the study, in addition to finasteride, dutasteride was also considered. The drug has the same mechanism of action and is usually prescribed for men to treat a prostate enlargement.

Data evaluated by approximately 12,000 men
In the course of their study, Steven Belknap from the Northwestern University of Chicago's Feinberg School of Medicine evaluated data from approximately 12,000 men aged 16 to 89 years who had taken one or both of the drugs and had not previously complained about sexual problems.

As the scientists in the journal "PeerJ" report, among other things, the health of the subjects was compared with men who were not prescribed any of the drugs. In addition, a short intake time was compared to a long one.

It was found that on 17 men taking finasteride or dutasteride, there was an additional case of impotence compared to the group who did not take any of the drugs.

According to the news magazine, even among the men under 42 years who had a comparatively low dose of finasteride against hair loss, a further case of impotence arose.

Year-long sexual problems
Although the problems usually disappear after discontinuation of the funds, but not in all cases. For example, 167 out of 11,909 men( 1.4 per cent) had an average of 1,348 days, ie more than three and a half years, after fighting the drugs.

According to the data, men under 42 who took Finasteride for more than 205 days had an almost five-fold higher risk of becoming impotent over a longer period of time than those who took the medication shorter. In these patients, the impotence averaged 1.534 days after discontinuation of the drugs.

In a communication from the University, Dr. Belknap: "Our study shows that men who take finasteride or dutasteride may experience a sustained erectile dysfunction, which makes them unable to have a normal erection even after discontinuing the medication for months or years. "

According to the researchers, doctors should include the new findings in their considerations when they want to prescribe drugs for hair loss or a prostate enlargement.

Dr. Belknap and colleagues already pointed out in an earlier publication in the specialist magazine "JAMA Dermatology" that previous studies are not sufficient to prove the safety of finasteride against hair loss.(ad)

New study shows: anti-hair loss can make impotent
hair loss is a widespread problem in today's society. Especially small men often get a bald head early, as a recent investigation showed. Affected persons should still do without certain hair loss remedies. For some products can make impotent for many years, as researchers now report.

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