Investigation: Night work is bad for the heart

Increased risk of heart disease caused by long-term nightlife
Night work can have a negative impact on health under circumstances. Prior to this, experts have warned for a long time. According to various studies, for example, the risk of breast cancer is increased by regular night shifts, as is the risk of diabetes and overweight. Now a new investigation has shown that night work can also be bad for the heart. Because after ten years of night shift the risk of developing coronary heart disease was significantly increased, reports the international research team led by Celine Vetter of Harvard University in Boston in the journal "JAMA."
related to heart problems for a long time
Studies have shown for years that regular night work can lead to health damage. For example, US researchers have shown that overweight and type II diabetes are fueled by shift work. Similarly, studies have long suggested a link between night strata and cardiovascular disease."We have been running studies on this issue for years. It has been shown that in the night and shift work above all disturbances of the gastrointestinal tract and cardiovascular problems occur with these employees, "according to the news agency" APA "already 1987 the then board of the Institute for environmental hygiene of the universityVienna, Manfred Haider.
Constant alternation between day and night shift can have serious consequences.(Photo: Tanja / Permanent change between day and night shift can have serious consequences.(Bild: Tanja /

Researchers Investigate Around 240,000 Nurses
Now, a recent observation study led by Eva Schernhammer from the Department of Epidemiology at the MedUni Vienna has gained new important insights into the subject. According to a recent announcement by the university, the researchers had examined around 240,000 US nurses who had been undergoing an irregular alternation of day and night strata for at least five years in the extensive American cohort study. It was found that women who also work more than ten years at night, higher by 15 to 18 percent risk of coronary heart disease have than those who are only active in the daily service. The risk is thus also significantly increased even from five years of night work. The researchers realized that this was also the case for women who were healthy before starting the night shift and had no previous medical conditions. At the same time, however, they were able to demonstrate that the increased risk of coronary heart disease decreased gradually when women only worked or retired during the day.

Employers should offer preventive health checks
According to the experts, a general rethinking of the night shift plans should be recommended, as well as employers should offer preventive, internal health checks. In addition, it may be useful to consider when setting up which "chronotypes" the new employee belongs to."In about ten to 15 percent of people are evening types, and 20 percent or more are morning people. The rest are mixed types, "says Eva Schernhammer, according to the university's announcement. A fast change between day and night work can lead to a "mini-jet-lag" and sleeping disorders.(nr)

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