Accused: False doctor should have treated passengers on cruise ships

Nurses are treated by holidaymakers and crewmembers
A nurse from Berlin is to have spent many years as a doctor and treated on a cruise ship dozens of passengers and crew members. This is reported by the news agency "dpa", citing the press officer of the Berlin criminal courts. According to this, the man was accused of various cases of bodily injury, fraud and counterfeiting. Now the prosecutor's office in Berlin charged with the 40-year-old.

Provides dozens of patients on the high seas
On a cruise ship, a wrong doctor may have practiced for years. The 40-year-old from Berlin is accused of having treated dozens of passengers and crew members as a supposed marine physician during the period from June 2014 to November 2015, according to the information of the "dpa".Now the prosecutor's office has prosecuted the trained nurse, who is currently under investigation, according to the authorities.

The prosecutor The prosecutor's office in Berlin accuses a trained nurse of having worked as a doctor on a cruise ship.(Image: Andrey Popov /

Prosecution for more than 80 acts
As the court spokeswoman Lisa Jani reported on Tuesday, the alleged fraudsters were accused of a total of 81 acts, in 63 cases alone due to bodily injury. In addition to this, the man would be accused of fraud, the falsification of documents, and the unauthorized taking of an academic degree, according to the presser. For his "treatments" on board, the wrong doctor will have received monthly 7500 euros salary from a shipping company.

Again and again cases with wrong doctors
The history of the 40-year-old Berliners is not a single phenomenon. Again and again, cases are known in which laymen act as doctors and treat patients. For example, a man from Saxony-Anhalt came to investigate in 2014 after it was discovered that he had presented himself as a supposed medical doctor in Lower Saxony. In the US, even a teenager was able to give himself up as a doctor and deceive employees and the security staff of a hospital in Florida. The teenager "worked" as a doctor disguised weeks in the clinic, until he was finally exposed by a colleague.(nr)

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