Christmas cookies for the mind

Christmas biscuits

Christmas biscuits for the mind: The nerve biscuits of the sacred Hildegard

Advent season is baking time and the time for great Christmas recipes. In addition to cinnamon stars and vanilla crisps you can prepare for the cold season a stock of the "happy" nerve biscuits, which are prepared according to an old recipe of St. Hildegard of Bingen.

Hildegard von Bingen
Hildegard von Bingen( 1098 - 1179) was clergyman, healer and visionary from Rheinhessen, whose writings are today summarized in the Wiesbadener Riesenkodex. Among other things, she wrote a medical-naturopathic work, whose findings and procedures are now being used again in naturopathic practice. In keeping with her holistic approach, Hildegard also turned to emotional complaints she encountered with her nerves. Among these nerve-strengthening and joyful remedies( "Antimelancholika") of Hildegard medicine include the nerve biscuits, also known as energy biscuits, about which Hildegard had to say the follo


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"These cookies banish all the bitterness of your heart and calm your mind and open your heart and your five senses, making your mood serene and purifying your sensory organs and reducing all harmful juices( noxi, mali,infirmi humores) and give your blood a good juices composition, make you powerful, strong and happy. "(W. Strehlow" Nutrition Therapy Hildegard of Bingen ", p 412ff)

effect and side effect of nerve biscuits
The nerve-strengthening effect is probably mainlyon the psyattributable to active nutmeg powder. In the Hildegard medicine, nutmeg is considered a universal nerve agent, which is able to increase concentration, acuity and strength, cleanses the blood and has a general detoxifying effect. Also in Ayurveda, the traditional Indian medicine Muskat one of the best tonal tonics used for calming the mind and promoting sleep in nervous disorders. The sweet almonds contained in the recipe are considered to be an excellent nourishment for the nerves due to their protein content, while cloves have a stimulating, energizing effect.

Caution: nutmeg may have hallucinogenic effects in large quantities( from 3-5 nuts), leading to poisoning, miscarriage and premature birth. Especially in pregnancy and children is to pay attention to a low dosage.

The dose makes the poison
In small amounts, however, the consumption of the spice drug tasting very intense anyway harmless. Already Paracelsus pointed out the importance of the correct dosage: "All thing is poison, only the dose makes it, whether thing is not poison!"( P.Pukownik 1997)

Taking into account the effect described in overdose and to the development of the desiredThe effect is - when prepared according to the following recipe - the consumption of 4-5 biscuits( children up to 3 biscuits) recommended daily( Strehlow 2005).

The recipe
1.5 kg Dinkelfein flour 45 g cinnamon
375 g butter 45 g nutmeg
300 g cane sugar 10 g cloves
300 g ground sweet almonds ½ tsp salt
4 eggs water or milk as needed

Spelled flour and spice powder are kneaded together with butter, sugar, almonds, eggs, salt and water into a dough and allowed to stand for about 30 minutes. Then the dough is rolled 2-3 mm thick and gouged out to cookie. Cover a baking sheet with baking paper and bake the biscuits at 180 to 200 ° C for 20 to 25 minutes. Allow to cool and store in a closable box.(09.12.2009, Dipl. Päd. J. Viñals Stein, alternative practitioner)

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