Medics: TIA is often followed by a stroke with permanent disability

"Light Stroke": Transient ischemic attack carries enormous risks
Every year more than a quarter of a million Germans suffer a stroke. This is one of the most common causes of death in Germany dar. A cerebral infarction is often preceded by a so-called transient ischemic attack( TIA).Patients should then lose no time and immediately call an ambulance.

Over a quarter of a million strokes per year
Approximately 270,000 people in Germany suffer a stroke each year. Cerebral infarction is one of the leading causes of mortality in Germany. According to experts, many deaths would be avoidable if risk factors such as type 2 diabetes, atrial fibrillation, lipid metabolism disorders and high blood pressure were to be prevented. In addition, it is important to know possible harbingers. In a so-called TIA( transient ischemic attack) must be acted quickly. Because this is often followed by a major stroke.

In a so-called TIA( transient ischemic attack), an emergency doctor must be called immediately. Because after a TIA it often comes to a large stroke with permanent disabilities.(Image: Syda Productions /

The so-called TIA should not be trivialized
Although the so-called TIA( Transient Ischemic Attack) is often trivialized as a "mild stroke".Othmar Gotzler, family doctor and specialist in internal medicine from Grafing says in the patient magazine "HausArzt"( issue 1/2017) that this is completely wrong.

"A TIA is a temporary circulatory disorder in the brain," said the physician.

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The symptoms - sudden onset of half-sided weakness or paralysis, dizziness, speech or vision problems - in a TIA could indeedquickly regress, but they are extremely serious.

Immediately contact the emergency doctor
sufferers should not lose any time and not first visit the family doctor, but immediately notify the emergency doctor.

"In addition, only colleagues in the clinic can initiate emergency diagnostics and therapy," says Gotzler. According to the expert, the risk of having a stroke with permanent disability after a TIA is very high.

"More than ten percent of patients experience another stroke within 30 days, half of them within 48 hours."

danger persists for a long time
The German Stroke Society( DSG) also pointed to an older strokeNotice that the post-TIA risk persists for a long time:

"About 20 percent of those affected will suffer a major stroke within the next three months, leading to permanent disability or death", warned DSG spokesman Professor Joachim Röther,

TIA and stroke have the same causes that persist after symptoms resolve.

"Stroke is not an inevitable fate, however, and a TIA should always be an occasion to look for the reasons to turn it off," said Professor Röther.(ad)

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