Grandma and mother: 67-year-old gave her daughter a baby

Grandmother and mother at the same time: Greek brings her own grandchild to the world
A 67 year old woman from Greece has carried out the baby of her daughter. The physicians initially had concerns about the age, but a court finally gave the green light. According to her own data, she feels "more like a grandmother".

At the age of 67, a child was born
The average age of mothers continues to increase. Nevertheless, cases of over 60-year-old women who receive a child are still the big exception. A Greek belongs to these great exceptions. However, her case is doubly unusual: she gave birth to a baby not only at the age of 67;the child is at the same time still her grandchild.

A 67-year-old Greek girl has taken the baby of her 43-year-old daughter. This could not get a child by natural means.(Photo: Herrndorff /

The granddaughter of his granddaughter
As the news agency AFP reports, the 67-year-old Anastassia Ontou from Greece gave her daughter a very special service. She carried out her own grandchild as a surrogate mother.

The head of the medical team, Konstantinos Pantos, therefore declared against the government television channel ERT that the 1.2 kilogram heavy girl had been brought on the last Tuesday after seven and a half months by Kaiserschnitt.

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"Feel more like a grandmother"
The private TV channelStar told Ontou that the decision was easy."My daughter was devastated because she could not give the child herself."

According to a report from the British "Daily Mail", she declared her 43-year-old daughter Konstantina, who had seven failed pregnancy attempts, "crazy" when sheoffered to take the child."We cried like never before in all the years," Konstantina said.

However, the 67-year-old, who lives in a village near Larissa in central Greece, had little problems after her own statements during pregnancy. According to the British newspaper, she said after giving birth: "I feel more like a grandmother than a mother."

court gave green light
Ontou is now the world's oldest grandmother, according to international records, for her daughter for medical reasons a child, said Pantos.

It is said that the head of the Children's Clinic in Athens initially raised concerns about the grandmother's age, but a court in Larissa finally gave the green light.

According to health experts the age of the mother also increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. For instance, mothers over the age of 40 have a markedly increased stroke risk, as scientists from the USA reported. In addition, the risk of miscarriage and premature birth increases.(ad)

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