Bach flowers - gentle support for everyone

What are Bach flowers?

Bach Flowers - gentle support for everyone

What are Bach flowers? What do they do? Who can use it? Can you make mistakes? Many questions are related to Bach flower remedies. These are easy for everyone to use. There are no side effects or interactions while taking conventional medicine. They can be applied from the very young to the very old. Especially toddlers are very sensitive to the vibrations and therefore only need small amounts of the drops. It is best to add some apple cider vinegar instead of alcohol to preserve it. It is important to look closely at the character and personality structure of the user. It is also beneficial to let yourself be helped by an outsider because you often do not have the right picture of yourself. Some also test the flower remedies or spontaneously pick out some to mix them.

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Errors can not be made in the sense of a negative effect. Unless one has selected the right flower or mixture, simply none of the desired effects will occur. The right remedy, however, can often be a good support for mental and emotional development. Since a healthy mind is also the best prerequisite for a healthy body, one can only recommend to anyone once to try Bach flowers themselves.

A very simple and good opportunity for a first contact are the emergency drops. The small vial contains a flower mix that works well for sudden shock or anxiety situations( such as fall, accident, injury, panic attacks, exam situations, anxiety. ..).It fits in every handbag. If necessary, these are dripped directly undiluted onto the tongue. If the condition does not improve sufficiently, you can repeat the whole thing. Incidentally, this mixture is also available as a spray. This can either be sprayed in the mouth or on blunt injuries and insect bites.

Also for the night there is a special mixture. Meanwhile, some companies have become very resourceful and pack the flowers in bath products, sweets and chewing gum and in creams.(sb)

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