Home-grown winter vegetables: The Superfood Kohl is so healthy

From Classic to Trendy
Kale is very popular in northern Germany in particular. But in other regions, the winter vegetables are increasingly on the plate, especially since it was in the US, where it is called "kale", the trendy trendy vegetables. The cabbage can be not only hearty, but also easy and delicious to prepare. For example, in the form of a bright green kale sauce or as an exotic side dish. In addition, the vegetables taste like salad, with pasta, marinated or fried in oil. Even kale chips are now available. The vegetables are, like other types of cabbage very healthy and also native.

cabbage varieties such as green, rose or cauliflower are full of important vitamins, minerals and nutrients. However, the vegetables are not only healthy, they are also indigenous and therefore recommendable in terms of sustainability.(Image: nolonely-fotolia.com)

Brussels sprouts with many health benefits
"With the Kohltrend, new emphases are set in terms of sustainability and regional enjoyment," explained nutritionist and cookbook author Hildegard Möller in a report by the dpa news agencyA brief overview of various types of cabbage is delivered.

As the nutrition expert Harald Seitz said in the agency message, the hype around the curly kale is quite justified: "Hardly any vegetables have such high levels of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and bioactive substances in a balanced composition as kale."

However, this is trueonly for fresh cabbage."The more the cabbage is processed, the less the substances from the original product are still contained," says Seitz.

According to other experts kale also scores by the contained healthy phytochemicals, which have an antioxidant effect and can lower cholesterol levels.

There is also scientific evidence that kale is anti-inflammatory and reduces the risk of cancer. According to one study, this cabbage contains significantly more cancer-preventive substances than other varieties.

However, people who use blood thinners such as Marcurmar should exercise caution when eating kale. Because the vegetables contain high amounts of vitamin K, which promotes blood clotting and thus counteract the herbs.

Cauliflower is more digestible
Cauliflower is different than other types of cabbage, which can indeed be bloating, as wholesome. In addition to ball-like substances, it also contains numerous vitamins and minerals.

contains B vitamins, vitamins C and K,( caution when taking certain blood thinners!) Anti-cancer glucosinolates, iron and potassium.

"Potassium dehydrates the organism," according to Seitz dpa. And iron is particularly important for oxygen transport and blood formation.

cauliflower can be prepared in many ways. Delicious cauliflower recipes can be found on the internet.

broccoli strengthens the immune system
Another popular vegetable variety is broccoli. In addition to vitamin C, B vitamins and potassium, the small florets also contain folic acid, which is important for the formation of new cells and nerve metabolism.

broccoli boosts our immune system and, according to a recent study, lowers blood sugar levels in diabetes.

In addition, the vegetables are rich in glucosinolates. Some of the ingredients are believed to have a cancer-preventing effect."But you can not say that 100 percent," says Franziska Hanschen from the Leibniz Institute for Vegetable and Ornamental Plant Construction, according to dpa.

The Chinese cabbage, originally from the Middle Kingdom, also brings some health benefits. The Kohlart, which is regionally available almost all year round, contains valuable amino acids, B vitamins, vitamin C and glucosinolates. Also popular is Kohlrabi. The crunchy tubers contain glucosinolates, vitamins C and K, folic acid as well as the minerals potassium, calcium and magnesium. The leaves are also edible.

Brussels sprouts are more nutritious
Brussels sprouts are more nutritious compared to other types of cabbage as they have a higher content of fat, protein and sugar. In addition to fiber, he can score with many other positive ingredients: One of them is glucosinolate. There is no more in any other cabbage.

The substance is converted in the body by enzymes in mustard oils. These can inhibit the proliferation of various fungi, bacteria and viruses and promote blood circulation.

The sulfur-containing compounds also have an antioxidant effect, thus protecting the cells in the body.

There are even more health reasons for brussels sprouts: it contains more vitamin C than any other cabbage, helping to boost the immune system.

also contains a lot of vitamin B1( thiamine), protein, potassium, fluorine, magnesium and zinc.

In addition, the cabbage contains a lot of folic acid, which is especially important during pregnancy. A serving of 200 grams covers the daily requirement.

red cabbage is just an average vitamin C supplier
Although red cabbage is rich and healthy, the popular supplement to meat dishes in winter is a rather average source of vitamin.

Its characteristic dark red color gets the cabbage by the secondary plant matter anthocyanin, which protects the body against harmful oxygen radicals.

white cabbage, from which sauerkraut is also produced, has a digestive effect. The sauerkraut, which is so popular with Germans, contains a lot of vitamin C and is very low in calories with 18 kilocalories per 100 grams.

"Sensitive people can avoid the bloating effect by cooking the cabbage in salted water for a short time, pouring off the cooking water and cooking with fresh water," explained Harald Seitz in the dpa message.

Savoy cabbage strengthens the immune and nervous systems. In addition, the vegetables provide glucosinolate and contain three times as much folic acid as the other types of cabbage.(ad)

Tasty and healthy: cabbage is a local superfood
Especially in the cold season, the vitamin C intake is particularly important because of the more frequent colds caused by the wet and cold weather. Local vegetables such as kale are as healthy here as exotic superfood.

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