Just do not reanimate: 91-year-old with whimsical tattoo

Tattoo "Do not Reanimate! !!": 91-year-old lets go of her last will
Many people have a small dolphin or a rose tattooed on a - usually covered - body part. However, a 91-year-old woman from the Netherlands opted for a tattoo with a message. She let her last will stab on the chest: "Do not reanimate! !!"

91-year-old gets a tattoo with a message
Moving through the streets of a big city, one can easily get the impression that there are almost no peoplewho have not tattooed yet. However, surveys have shown that not more than 15 percent of Germans have a tattoo. Many are worried about a possible tattoo removal and therefore, as a precaution, refrain from decorating their skin with motifs such as a rose, a dolphin or a so-called Arschgeweih. A granny from the Netherlands was not deterred by any possible health hazards caused by tattooing or their removal from getting a motive under the skin. However, it had to be a motive with message.

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"Do not Reanimate! !!I'm 91+ "

The 91-year-old retiree Nel Bolten has tattooed her cleavage. On her chest is now in big letters: "Rivet Reanimate! !!IK BEN 91+ ".(German: "not Reanimieren! !! I am 91+") The tattoo should serve as a kind of living will and instructions to medics or doctors in case of emergency. Opposite the news portal Omroepwest, the sprightly woman said: "I do not want to be revived if something bad happens." Although she was still fit, the idea of ​​being confined to bed or a wheelchair after an accident scared her.

Pensioner hopes for legislative changes
However, the tattoo will not protect the retiree from life-prolonging measures. To comply with such a request, you must have written an official living will in the Netherlands and carry it with you or wear a special medallion with name, date of birth and photo around your neck. But Bolten said: "On television I have seen that paramedics do not look for medallions during revivals." Everything had to be fast. In her opinion, the tattoo is the only way to delay or even stop the resuscitation. She also hopes the laws will change over the next few years.(ad)

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