Clinic ranking: Uniklinik Göttingen is the best hospital

University Medical Center Göttingen is the best clinic in the state of Lower Saxony
According to a current clinic ranking, the University Medical Center of Göttingen( UMG) is the best hospital in Lower Saxony. The institute is among the top 100 of a total of more than 1,110 hospitals and clinics.

Germany's best hospital
As in the past, the Berlin University Hospital Charité is Germany's best hospital in this year's clinical ranking of the magazine "FOCUS Gesundheit".In Lower Saxony, Universitätsmedizin Göttingen( UMG) is ranked first in the ranking for the fifth time. The UMG is also one of the leading groups of 100 "Germany's top clinics" from 1,115 clinics and hospitals, according to a statement.

University Hospital Göttingen( UMG) is the best hospital in Lower Saxony, according to the clinic ranking of the magazine "FOCUS Gesundheit".(Image: EPSTOCK /

Best Clinic in Lower Saxony
At position 23, the UMG is one of 28 Uniklinika, which completely occupy the first ranking places 1 to 28.

The UMG is in the top groups among all the nationwide hospitals in the disease pictures Alzheimer( rank 4), anxiety( 5), cardiology( 10), breast cancer( 11) and colorectal cancer( 13).

"It is not self-evident that the University Medical Center of Göttingen will again be among the hospitals in Lower Saxony again this year," says Prof. Dr. Heyo K. Kroemer, Chairman of the Executive Board of UMG.

"First and foremost, this is a result of the great commitment of the UMG staff."

Satisfied patients
According to the report, more than 65,000 patients were hospitalized in the clinic last year alone.

According to Prof. Kroemer, the quality factor "patient satisfaction" for the UMG and its employees again gave above-average good ratings.

Prof. Heyo Kroemer commented on the role of university medicine in the first 28 places of the FOCUS clinic: "From place one to place 28 of the clinic rankings, university clinics are at the top. This is clear: university hospitals are the central pillar in the care of patients. "

And further:" This broad top in the ranking demonstrates the outstanding role of uniclinics in the German health care system: they are top in the treatment of people with rare diseases or the most difficult clinical pictureand in emergency care. "(ad)

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