Too much body fat is a health risk

Why a slender silhouette is more than just a beauty ideal
Adipose tissue: for many, a sensitive issue that is becoming more and more important with increasing temperatures."Body fat, however, is not only to be judged from an aesthetic point of view," says Dr. Martina Weber, Ecotrophologist of BioProphyl."Too much of the tissue at the wrong body sites increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and type II diabetes."

The situation comes at
The adipose tissue takes on important functions for the body in various ways. It serves as energy storage and insulation layer and also offers protection against mechanical stimuli such as pressure or impact."These tasks mainly come from the subcutaneous fat, which is located in the subcutaneous tissue, which is located, for example, on the extremities as well as the palms and soles of the feet," says the BioProphyl expert."In addition, the adipose tissue is the largest metabolic organ of the body and produces a variety of signaling molecules, the so-called adipokines. These messengers are released into the bloodstream and have been proven to have energy balance, blood pressure and immune functions, "Dr. Dr. Weber.

Unhealthy body fat. Image: - fotolia Unhealthy body fat. Image: - fotolia

"Here is the visceral fat accumulated around the internal organs."An increased proportion of this connective tissue in the abdominal region means, therefore, an increased production of messenger substances and thus also a greater risk for the mentioned diseases.

The right measure decides
Who would like to announce the fight to the risk factor body fat has numerous possibilities to achieve long-term good results."A varied and balanced diet in combination with sufficient sport should be the basis."

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The BioProphyl expert further: "New studies also show that for example the consumption of the citrus fruit extract Sinetrol within three monthsa reduction in waist and waist circumference. In combination with the Konjakwurzelextrakt glucomannan, a particularly swellable fiber, which supports the loss of weight as part of a low-calorie diet, a sustained reduction in body weight can be stimulated. "In general, if you want to permanently lose fat tissue and prevent the storage of new depots,ensure adequate liquid intake and regular meals to avoid hot starter attacks. An additional plus of exercise stimulates the metabolism and helps to maintain the achieved weight.

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