Natural help: Herbal teas healing for colds

Included medicinal herbs: herbal teas against cold as medicine
Herbal teas are regarded as beneficial and are used partly as a home remedies for colds and other ailments. However, they may not be sold as a rule with a reference to curative effects. On the other hand, medicinal products, which are marked accordingly, already do.
Home remedies for colds
Colds such as cough and runny nose are currently common. To prevent infections or to relieve symptoms, many use natural home remedies such as chicken soup or teas. Herbal teas are particularly beneficial. They help, for example, as a home remedy for coughing or for sore throats. However, most herbal teas in the supermarket shelves may only be advertised as food and not with a reference to curative effects.
Many people rely on the beneficial effect of herbal teas in colds. However, these can usually not be advertised with a reference to curative effects. However, Arzneite already.(Image: Alexander Raths /

medicinal products are subject to the Drugs Act
This is pointed out by the Consumer Center of Saxony. At Arzneite, however, it looks different. However, this must be indicated accordingly.

"must be clearly identified as" medicines "or" medicines "as well as the indication, counter-indications, dosage and composition," the Consumer Center writes in a press release.

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medicinal products are subject to the German Medicines Act, they have to be approved by the Federal Agency for Medicines and Medical Devices.

Traditional Drugs
Prerequisite for admission is not that they are proven to help. Medicines often refer to so-called traditional medicines, which can only be registered and sold due to long-term use without product-related vermin, according to consumer protectionists.

These must bear a reference to the "traditional use", explains Birgit Brendel, specialist at the consumer center. If you want to combat a cold, you should better take a medicine page."Purpose, approval and labeling distinguish a medicinal side of a herbal tea, which is food," according to the expert.

Plant Stents in Herbal Teas
For the respective products you should also inform yourself about the quality. In the past several planting pens were found in herbal teas. At the beginning of the year there were reports of so-called pyrrolizide alkaloids( PA) in several peppermint and herbal teas. These substances can lead to liver damage and liver cancer.(ad)

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