Health: Long working hours make us sick

Long working hours endanger the health
In many people, the strain in the job increases. This compromises health. Through too much stress we become ill, warning experts. The problem is, above all, long working hours. For years, experts have pointed out that more than 40 working hours per week are harmful to health. A new study from Austria shows that a 40-hour working week can be regarded as a "healthy basis".

According to a new study, the current regulation of the 40-hour working week represents a "healthy basis". Those who work longer endanger their health.(Picture: contrastwerkstatt /

Increased risk especially for women
If you work too long, your health is compromised. This increases the risk of stroke, as an international researcher reported. According to a US study, long working hours are a health hazard for women in particular.

The risk of heart disease, cancer, arthritis and diabetes is thus significantly increased by more than 40 hours per week.

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A new study from Austria also comes to the conclusion that long working hours have a negative impact on health.

The risk of accident increases
The study by Gerhard Blasche and Daniela Haluza from the Medical University( MedUni), Vienna, on the fatigue status of people after a 12-hour working day has shown that these long services lead to a considerable daytime fatigueit is difficult to dismantle in a normal way through the day's leisure.

In addition, they report health risks and increased accident risks as well as errors, as the researchers at the Center for Public Health, Department of Environmental Hygiene and Environmental Medicine report.

The study results were published in the specialist magazine "International Archives of Occupational and Environmental Health".

Fatigue can not be compensated by recovery
In order to reach their results, the experts examined the burden on elderly caregivers in seniors' dormitories in Austria on 12-hour working days.

In a press release, they write about the result: "Fatigue growth during a 12-hour day service is three-and-a-half times higher than on a working day, and the fatigue continues to grow significantly with two consecutive 12-hour services."

And:"The recovery on the edge of the day is not sufficient to compensate for this fatigue immediately."

Three days break
According to the researchers, the study shows that after two consecutive days with twelve hours of work each day three days would have to be freed completelyto recover.

In general, practically every human being has a clear deficit in the tenth day, including an increased risk of accidents at work or in road traffic.

Therefore the daily working time should not exceed eight hours, according to a conclusion from the study.

Current 8-Hour Regulation is a Healthy Basis
"This shows that our current regime of an 8-hour day is a healthy base," according to Blasche. Those who work 50 or more hours a week for a year have an increased risk of cardiovascular disease or the increase of mental illness, especially for women.

"This is probably due to the increased additional burden of childcare," said the expert. Also not useful are longer working days or blocked work.

Because of this, a disproportionately greater effort is required for the performance due to the advanced fatigue, with the associated stress reaction. In addition, the tired fatigue prevents the leisure to enjoy properly.

As the communication states, in our performance-oriented society, people generally tend to spend more. Companies would therefore have to make sure that workers are taking breaks and encouraging them to really use them.(ad)

40-hour working week is a "healthy basis"
For years now, more and more flexible working hours have been discussed. In some professions, employees are able to decide when and how long they work. In others not: In the care area, for example, 12-hour layers are often due. As long as working hours harm health, scientists report.

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