Yogurt, Kefir &Co easy homemade

Yogurt, Kefir &Co.: Do it yourself
In the supermarket the variety of dairy products is great. Quite simply, many of them can also be prepared in their own kitchen. The effort is rewarded with the natural taste.

Fans of freshly drawn kefir order "Kefirnnchenchen" on the Internet, which contain yeast cultures in addition to various lactic acid bacteria. They convert the milk sugar to carbonic acid and some alcohol. Take: A jar with kefir noodles and room warm milk. Close well and place at room temperature in a light-protected place. Ensure cleanliness and hygiene. After one or two days, the fermented beverage is poured into a second container through a plastic sieve. The tingling-foaming Kefir is finished. The cultures are rinsed and can be reused.

Yoghurt can be prepared quickly and easily. Image: ji_images - fotolia Yoghurt can be prepared quickly and easily. Image: ji_images - fotolia

Even more easily a kind of buttermilch: Fresh lukewarm milk is stirred in a bowl with two tablespoon vinegar or lemon juice. Already after 15 minutes, the mixture has become thicker and is filled into a glass. Covered with a gauze cloth, the homemade buttermilk is kept in the refrigerator for around a week.

If you have ever tasted homemade yoghurt, you will appreciate the difference to the purchased product. One liter of H milk is heated to about 37 degrees Celsius. Then add a knife tip of lactic acid cultures or a 200g beaker of natural yogurt. When milk and yoghurt have the same fat content, the yoghurt becomes firmer. The mixture is then stirred and the mixture is filled into small vials, which are kept warm for 5-11 hours in a yoghurt maker. It must not be warmer than 45 degrees, otherwise the bacteria will die. In addition, shaking should be avoided so as not to interfere with lactic acid fermentation. If you do not have a yoghurt maker, you can use the oven - heat to 45 degrees, put the jars in the oven and turn off the oven after 15 minutes.

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When the yoghurt is ready, it comes into the refrigerator. It can be spiced with juice, fresh fruit or some honey. The Turkish yoghurt drink Ayran is particularly refreshing. For this, 400 ml of yoghurt are foamed with 200 ml of cold water and some salt frothy. Then season with some lemon juice, basil or cross-chilli and serve ice cold. Heike Kreutz, aid.

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