Fresh meat at McDonald's rather a farce?

The fast food chain McDonald's now prepares its burger in Texas with fresh minced meat - instead of as before with frozen food. McDonald's reacts to competitors like Wendy's, Shake Shack and In-N-Out, who use fresh meat.

An Imageproblem

McDonald's is market leader among the fast restaurants, but has an image problem. In the case of consumer critics, the chain is considered the epitome of unhealthy "junk food" and a symbol of the capitalist exploitation of man and nature.

McDonald McDonalds tastes fresh meat in Hamburgers( Renewer /

A new nutritional lifestyle: clean eating instead of junk food is modern. Smaller fast-food restaurants sprung early on this trend and combined fast food with health: Smoothies to go or salads in whole-grain bread captured the American market.

McDonald's drew on these trends, but could not get a new "clean food" image. More and more consumers switched to smaller snack chains.

In the US comparative advertising is allowed, and Wendyś mocked McDonald's frozen patties. They are suitable only as a throwing floor or beer cap - but not for eating.

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The Dallas experiment
Nowhere in the US do citizens consume as much beef as they can in Texas, and competitions for the best steaks are part of the national culture. McDonald's start the fresh meat experiment in the "Lion's Cave" - ​​in 14 restaurants in Dallas.

High quality burgers
Burger restaurants offering freshly prepared burgers - with organic meat or meats from Galloway and Aberdeen Angus - make McDonald's competition with quality burgers.

A separate scene now stands between classic restaurants and fast food for the masses. Such barbecues use fresh meat, fresh salad and offer creations like Gorgonzala burger with pear or veggie burgers in the self-baked whole-grain Ciabatta bread.

Although they have their price, but are mostly neither over-salt nor over-sugared and overfilled as the products of McDonald's, Wendyś or Burger King. Consumers now know: fast food and co: modern nutrition favors obesity.

Fresh meat for bulk goods?

Is fresh meat useful for the mass handling of customers at all? Consumer protectionists generally warn of massive health damage caused by fast food. Accordingly, fastfood leads to allergies, promotes neurodermatitis and asthma, contains much too much salt, sugar, fats and calories, partly dangerous additives. McDonald's was the best in a test of the unhealthy fast food chains, but a check on fresh meat is also difficult here.

Fresh minced meat is very susceptible to bacteria - in contrast to the shocked patties. Moreover, fresh meat does not contain more nutrients than frozen with modern methods.

The chipotle Mexican Grill chain in the USA demonstrated the disadvantages of fresh ingredients in fast food restaurants: customers consumed salmonella, colibacteria and noroviruses in tacos and burritos.

If, however, McDonald's relies on fresh mincemeat, it will cost many millions, as the company would have to rebuild its entire supply chain and production structure. Fresh meat also does not keep itself: What the customers do not consume in one day must be gone. This is also why a conversion is expensive.

In general, the question is: Can the hygienic standards for fresh minced meat be complied with in the case of a mass supply of customers?(Dr. Utz Anhalt)

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