Dangerous hare fever in Baden-Wurttemberg

Rabbit plague in the Schwäbisch Hall district of Baden-Württemberg
In the district of Schwäbisch Hall( Baden-Württemberg) rabbits' plague( tularemia) has been detected in a dead hare. Local authorities ask citizens to be extra careful. Humans can also contract rabies plague.

Rabbit plague found in animal carcasses
In Swabian Hall, a district of Baden-Wuerttemberg, a case of rabies has been detected. As the Office of Veterinary and Consumer Protection announced in a communication, the Chemical and Veterinary Investigation Office( CVUA) in Fellbach in an animal carcass has detected the causative agent of hare plague( tularemia).A hunter had found the dead hare dead at the beginning of May in his area in Oberrot and brought the animal to investigate the cause of death for investigation. The authority asks the population for special caution.

In the district of Schwäbisch Hall( Baden-Württemberg) the pathogen of the hare In the district of Schwäbisch Hall( Baden-Württemberg), the causative agent of hare's plague has been found in an animal carcass. Authorities urge caution. People can also become infected.(Image: Soru Epotok / fotolia.com)

People can also become infected
Rabbit plague is a bacterial disease caused by the pathogen Francisella tularensis. Again and again infections are reported. Thus, only at the beginning of the year, a case of Hasenpest in Bavaria became known. According to the Veterinary and Consumer Protection Office in Schwäbisch Hall, the bacterium mainly infests field hares and rodents, other wildlife and pets can also become infected. However, the pathogen is also dangerous for humans, in which severe infection symptoms can occur after an infection.

For symptoms to the doctor
In humans, the tularemia can vary greatly, for example, depending on the entry point flu-like symptoms such as fever, but also skin ulcers, blisters in the mouth and throat, pneumonia or conjunctivitis( conjunctivitis) can occur. Health professionals recommend seeing a doctor for symptoms such as fever, headache, muscle cramps or nausea and vomiting after coming in contact with wildlife or eating wild game meat.

Do not let dogs run uncontrollably
The veterinary office Schwäbisch Hall asks the population in the district, especially to not touch Oberrot dead found hares or field hares with missing escape behavior and to report the find immediately to the responsible hunting lessee. And even if the risk of disease for dogs is to classify less, the contact of dogs with dead or conspicuous hares should be avoided at all costs. The experts recommend that dogs do not run unchecked or lead while going for a walk. However, the Office also had reassuring information: "A transmission of the disease can only take place through direct contact with infected animals," it says in the message.(ad)

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