Blanching Syndrome: The best remedy for abdominal distension and fullness

This helps against the gluttony on the feast days
Cookies, roast, punch and mulled wine: Christmas is usually feasted more than usual. This not only provides extra hip gold, but sometimes leads to physical discomfort. Gastric pressure and feeling of fullness are typical consequences of the treats on the holidays. But you can do something about it.

Feasting on the Christmas Days
On Christmas days is usually eaten a lot and lush. In addition, the movement is often a bit too short. These conditions often cause food to be heavy in the stomach causing painful abdominal distension, heartburn, nausea, flatulence and spasmodic abdominal pain. Some tips can help you get through the holidays without feeling bloated.

The luscious food on the Christmas days often leads to indigestion. More exercise and different home remedies can help against feeling of fullness and Co.(Image: Kzenon /

Exercise in the fresh air
One of the best ways to strengthen natural digestion is by walking. To prevent discomfort such as bloating or flatulence, a short walk after dinner can help.

The exercise in the fresh air not only stimulates the circulation but also promotes blood circulation in the intestine, making it easier to digest the meal.

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    Health experts advise against using cigarettes or schnapps as digestive aids.

    Soothing Abdominal Massage
    One way to soothe a swollen abdomen is by doing soothing tummy massages that help stimulate digestion.

    The massage is best performed calmly and evenly - without much pressure on the abdominal wall. The massage can include oils with lavender or caraway.

    In addition, a warm therapy with a warm granule pillow or a hot water bottle can relax the muscles and have a soothing effect.

    teas and herbs for indigestion
    As a home remedy for fullness, there are also various teas with fennel, caraway, lemon balm, chamomile or peppermint. These have a calming and relaxing effect on the digestive tract.

    Although there are medicines available for the various indigestion, in most cases, simple home remedies can help. For example, spices such as cumin, fennel and ginger are tried-and-tested home remedies for stomach pain and flatulence.

    Take note of the dietary habits
    In order to avoid indigestion as much as possible, different dietary habits should be observed. It always makes sense to take time for food. Because in the hasty consumption too much air is swallowed and flatulence develops.

    People who are very vulnerable should better avoid bloating foods such as raw foods, beans or cabbages.

    Excessive consumption of carbonated drinks also adds extra gas to the digestive tract and can cause discomfort. Heartburn is caused, among other things, by too spicy, too greasy or too rich food.

    Getting rid of excess pounds
    Anyone who consumes more calories during the Christmas season and is more kilos in weight should try after the holiday without losing a yo-yo effect. In particular,

    health experts recommend regular exercise and a reduction in daily caloric intake. Going through a zero diet is difficult for most people. It is much more advisable to go for light meals. The motto is to eat less fat, more protein, enough vegetables and less sugar. Especially recommended is vegetarian food.( Ad)

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