Advice on festivals: Which criteria should champagne meet

For Christmas and New Year: These criteria must meet champagne
On the Christmas holidays and the yearly change, many Germans like to have something special. Probably at no other time in Germany are so many champagne bottles opened. To be described as "champagne", the sparkling wine has to fulfill some criteria.

Noble sparkling wine on festive occasions
Champagne is certainly not regularly served on the table with most people. But on certain occasions, many Germans like to have a good drop. The King of the Wines stands on many a festive Christmas table and on New Year's Eve, a bottle is opened to say goodbye to the old year and welcome the new one. Important to know: Only very specific sparkling wines may also call "champagne".

At Christmas or on New Year's Eve many citizens like to have a good drop. Champagne is considered the king of wines. It must fulfill certain criteria so as to be named.(Picture: Subbotina Anna /

Champagne comes from the Champagne

Decisive is, from which region it comes."Champagne comes exclusively from the north-eastern Champagne region of Champagne and has a high price because of the limited cultivation area," explained Andrea Danitschek of the Consumer Center Bavaria in a news from the news agency dpa.

Only very specific grape varieties such as Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier and Pinot Noir may be used. Champagne is aged for at least 15 months in the bottle. With sparkling wine it looks different, it can also ferment in large ripet tanks. Moreover, he does not have to have any special origin.

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Difference between sparkling wine and Prosecco
There is also a distinction between champagne and Prosecco."In contrast to sparkling wines, Prosecco has precise specifications on the type of grape variety and region to be produced," said Silke Noll of the Verbraucherzentrale Bayern in an earlier report.

Prosecco was originally the name of a white grape variety which grows only in a small part of the Veneto region. In 2010 this grape variety was renamed Glera. Since then, Prosecco has been pressed from the Glera grape and bottled in the specific region of Italy.

Watching the right drinking temperature
Whether champagne, prosecco or champagne: you should not store them too long. Because by long storage carbonic acid disappears and also the taste becomes weaker.

In addition, one should pay attention to the right drinking temperature, if one wants to push with a glass of champagne: ideal are between six and nine degrees.

According to the consumer panel, the experts are still at odds: "In narrow, tall glasses, the carbonic acid does not volatilize so quickly, so it bubbles longer," said Danitschek."Some swear, however, on wide champagne dishes to smell the aroma better."( Ad)

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